Buying HYIP Monitoring Service

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Buy Monitoring Service

List your program at MaxHYIP Monitor. All that you need is to pay the activation fee $5 USD and the minimum deposit in your program (but $45 USD min) that will be invested into your program and allow us monitor your activity. Minimum total to pay is 50$.

Your program will be listed on our site for the life of your program. You will be provided with special banner code that you can add to your website. It contains your paying status. Banner code is send instantly after payment. Your program will be listed within 24-72 hours.

In general withdraw request not processed after 24 hours receive status 'Problem'. 48 hours after withdraw request not processed the status change to 'Not Paying'. 72 hours after withdraw request not processed the status change to 'Archive' and record is deleted from master DB. Many factors can change this with longer or shorter delay.

We have the right to refuse, modify, disable your program listing for any purpose without explanation and refund.
Your to be informed don't complaint !

We don't accept any special plans for monitoring sites, and fee is not refund after registration.

Program with very low return must add extra money in account balance for make reasonable amount for daily withdraw.

Submit only HYIP program or HYIP game, no autosurf, no doubler, no matrix, no batch game, no HYIP monitor...

When all informations enter is valid, the form create submit button.

Pay the activation 50$ (fee 5$ + deposit 45$ or minimum invest).
Make payment to one of follow e-currency.
After write payment information in form.

Perfect Money : U1454300
Bitcoin : 1BhRaaYtg9LXN9xaW5JVZiNv2p9VPNoK3e
Ethereum : 0xd0954Bc8B356ACA20e6e2119334C353e3196335E

All fields in form require valid value.

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You can increase this rate by posting additional information about your Program activity here. All this information will be strongly confidential and using only for increase our opinion about your Program. You can keep this field empty if you want. (max. 1500 chars)