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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
21 Sep 2011 15:25U228??73SuperHotPayIt took a bit longer than normal but better late than never.
21 Sep 2011 15:19U228??73Stock-BizGetting my payments , it is very stable and professional program!
21 Sep 2011 15:15U228??73Large-Profit100% honest i can say because I also received a sum of $150 today.
18 Sep 2011 14:27U790??95SuperHotPayunbelievable! a complete profit paid for professional plan!
18 Sep 2011 14:19U790??95Stock-BizMore than excellent, this program pay everyday.Congratulation Admin.
18 Sep 2011 14:10U790??95Large-Profitis an excellent program. Pays everyday.
28 Aug 2011 11:07U790??95LargeEarningI am sitting pretty, since investing here.
28 Aug 2011 11:02U790??95SecureEarnEverything all right. I just loged in and requested payment!
28 Aug 2011 10:55U790??95Hot-InvestingI get payment without any delay,really good program.
28 Aug 2011 10:47U790??95Stock-BizHurry up men!Don't miss this opportunity to be affluent!!
12 Aug 2011 11:26U263??01SecureEarnOh! I can't believe this!! $640 in my today!!!
12 Aug 2011 11:18U263??01Hot-Investingvery best project! Good paying!!!Thank You Admin
12 Aug 2011 11:11U263??01LibertyHoardPhenomenal.Outstanding.fantastic. The best progarm for investing