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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
17 Nov 2011 15:14U634??16Freedom-ReservePayment is confirmed thanks admin for the nice job
1 Sep 2011 8:06U263??01LargeEarningPayment received!thanks a lot!i will re-invest soon!
30 Aug 2011 14:00U263??01LargeEarningAlways paid me on time,no miss!!!
12 Aug 2011 8:04U363??54SecureEarnalways ontime,I am glad for my profit.Thanks.
12 Aug 2011 7:56U363??54Hot-InvestingIMHO, it is much better than others!
12 Aug 2011 7:45U363??54LibertyHoardI don't know what to say about it, very very very great in all aspects.
12 Aug 2011 7:34U363??54Stock-BizThanks for all stable PAYMENTS! You are a great!
6 Aug 2011 15:37U790??95LibertyHoardI always got paid on time here. Recomend it to everyone.
6 Aug 2011 14:31U263??01SecureEarnPAYING TODAY, THANKS SO MUCH ADMIN!
6 Aug 2011 14:22U263??01Hot-InvestingReceived payment again,thanks admin.
6 Aug 2011 14:14U263??01LibertyHoardpay!pay!pay! in term of attending to customer.
27 Apr 2011 8:27U363??54Gold-Instantpaid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
27 Apr 2011 7:57U363??54PicoProfitHope things will go well as before when i invested $20.i already invested $200.
19 Mar 2011 16:27U228??73FundOfProfitWebsite is STABLE and PAYING as usual.
19 Mar 2011 16:03U228??73BestProfitInvThis is great, paid up to $400, what a good job admin.