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16 Aug 2011 10:43U702??34Hot-InvestingI have been paid many times in .So good program.
16 Aug 2011 10:19U702??34LibertyHoardThis site never missed a payment. I am very glad to invest with the site
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22 Jul 2011 11:05U790??95LibertyHoardgood program worthy of good votes, thanks for your payments
22 Jul 2011 10:52U790??95Stock-BizUnique payment ! I got paid on time.
21 Jul 2011 8:00U703??33LibertyHoardBest HYIP! Pays correctly and time!!!
21 Jul 2011 7:50U703??33Stock-BizBest HYIP! Pays correctly and time!!!
16 Apr 2011 11:21U079??60PicoProfitYou cannot vote, sorry
14 Apr 2011 9:11U363??54PicoProfitpaid into my account, thanks
12 Apr 2011 16:59U703??33PicoProfitI did recive my first payment today, and i had the money instantly after i made the request