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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
31 Dec 2006 11:39 291??91 Easy Profit NetworkThis one is flooding my egold account with money. I love it! Instant withdrawals
26 Dec 2006 16:48363??98Golden FlowPaid 56/56 and 8/8
20 Dec 2006 21:44363??98E2Invpaid (eg 3634698)
20 Dec 2006 21:41363??98Golden FlowPaid 56/56
16 Dec 2006 10:11363??98E2InvHey admin, how long does it take this server replacement? your website still seems to be down!
15 Dec 2006 23:32363??98Golden FlowAlways paid me and my downline. Everyday on time: as a Swiss clock (gp_cos)
15 Dec 2006 23:22363??98Europe Trade LtdAlways paid! Better a hyip that reduces the interest rate to last for a longer time, rather than a closed hyip! Don't you read newspapers? Bad month for traders... (gp_cos)
15 Dec 2006 23:13363??98Capital On Linepaid again
15 Dec 2006 23:07363??98Q-InvestmentPayd! they have lost some account data because of problems with the server, but they offer the possibility to reload your account data: check their site before posting bad votes!! (gp_cos)
13 Dec 2006 22:59385??37Golden Flowalways paid on time since 4-12 (em_rmn)
13 Dec 2006 1:24363??98E2Invtest spend (e-gold 3634698)
3 Dec 2006 10:18363??98Capital On LinePaid. But admin doesn't respond since 1 dec. (gp_cos)
5 Aug 2006 19:22 21??83 Safe-MoneyMakerNot Paid From 1 Week Plan and now I cannot login to my account. Do not Spend. Beware Scammers!!!