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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
21 Jun 2010 4:16U269??67Buk InvestBukInvest is awsome, they keep paying to all investers including me ! My withdrawal was processed in this monring , thanks!
18 May 2010 23:28U808??55VenfexOne of the best systems on the market. Paying well, solid and honest.
14 May 2010 19:56U831??49Pharmacia InvestmentDate: 2010-14-05 07:20:09 Batch: 37920146 From Account: U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment) Amount: $10.60 Hope can keep on the good jobs!!
13 May 2010 20:03U274??40Cash InsideI once again thank the Administrator. Payment has received!
24 Apr 2010 23:24U754??20White FundEveryone will earn greater money with this Great program!! Thanks admin!!
23 Apr 2010 23:04U399??09Earning GainI'm sure this program will keep paying in long run.
14 Apr 2010 1:18U137??68Umba FundInvested $50001 in Plan 6 and today I get back my principal already, $50001, its awsome and unbelieveable
7 Apr 2010 23:24U935??51Profit GoalHot program, they paid me after the investing. thanks admin