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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
14 Apr 2010 13:24 U395??26 Umba Fund8/15 payment received, amount is $600.00 USD, thank you
9 Apr 2010 9:09U962??90Umba FundThanks for the payment again today ^_^ This program already paid me many times
7 Apr 2010 13:11U812??32Umba FundI was paid again. I think the admin will do the site better and better.
30 Mar 2010 20:22U136??30EaseForexI am in profit! They pay me on a regular basis! Thank you, Admin!
30 Mar 2010 20:13U693??91Profit Goal3/30/2010 04:02 34133208 U6046532 (profit-goal withdraw account) + $15.75, Paid me again, that's really nice!!
30 Mar 2010 7:44U588??48Sot InvestAnthor big payment received without any delay and problems ! highly recommended this program to everyone
28 Mar 2010 15:58U516??39Sot InvestWithdraw to fadliyah12 from transfer batch is 33965990 , I will invest more !!
24 Feb 2010 10:41U830??85LopokNo problems with the program,payouts in time,really good!thanks honest admin!
24 Feb 2010 10:17U830??85FundorexPaid really very fast, cool design as Promising, Getting payments on time! Good