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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
11 Feb 2010 2:53U214??37Deposit PalaceFor me this site is the most stable hyip site and is safe to put your money here
9 Feb 2010 12:06U999??14RefMotorVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
5 Feb 2010 11:56U102??18RefMotorGot paid this morning,good site,I made another deposit here.
2 Feb 2010 13:36U151??59CazirocaIt's a stable paying project with a very honest admin, and always get my payment fast!
2 Feb 2010 13:32U151??59Rosalin FinanceGood plans offers and nice site design. I will promote this site and invest more here.
2 Feb 2010 13:24U151??59Deposit PalaceVery good program, i like it because their fast payment every time and keep good support.
31 Jan 2010 11:16U868??43Royal InvI have no doubt in your integrity & punctuality.
31 Jan 2010 7:59U102??18RefMotorOVER 10000 accounts they already have, refmotor growing to be the important hyip
30 Jan 2010 13:37U113??02RefMotorI calculated they have paid over $1000 of bonus to members every dayas
29 Jan 2010 12:16U788??07RefMotorthey have around 13 million deposits but I only got my profits that about 100 dollars, 100
27 Jan 2010 14:16U838??04RefMotori want to invest all of my money here, i think the risk is low than other program.
25 Jan 2010 14:38U113??02Lucre MakerI like this program, invests and obtains the profit very happily in here.
21 Jan 2010 14:38U113??02XmasInvest, Inc.Admin is active here and helpfull for investors, It give me more confidence to invest the program.
16 Jan 2010 14:31U113??02XmasInvest, Inc.One of the really successful program! I never regret joining this one.
15 Jan 2010 14:33U113??02XmasInvest, Inc.They are wonderful and BEST, BEST of all. They always pay on time.
12 Jan 2010 14:42U113??02RefMotorWorks fine, good support. It is the best investment program.