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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
6 Dec 2009 7:25U876??44Persona-FinanceThanks for all stable PAYMENTS! You are a great!
6 Dec 2009 7:13U634??16Finance-AIGIt is just one STEP to online trading, I made money, you can as well!
6 Dec 2009 7:04U266??37Profit-Capitaljust paid me without problem.
29 Nov 2009 9:15U940??64Persona-Financegot paid me ontime , no delete no cheat really safe and the best
15 Nov 2009 8:56U190??90Profit-CapitalReceived $19.36 to LR very fast. Thanks
7 Nov 2009 9:16U190??90Profit-CapitalYou always pay fast.I hope you will be online forever
1 Nov 2009 8:38U190??90Profit-CapitalPayment today received, thanks admin, good program!!
17 Oct 2009 7:39U122??45BePaidForget your problems,since this program will support you forever!