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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
24 Dec 2009 20:57U816??06Golden Investmentone of the very good program, still paid to me
23 Dec 2009 20:52U816??06Golden InvestmentNew Paid received!I hope this one can last long.
21 Dec 2009 20:33U816??06Golden Investmenti receive another payment today, admin paid on time, thank you!
19 Dec 2009 19:58U816??06Golden InvestmentRight choice to invest. I trust this admin
18 Dec 2009 21:03U816??06Golden InvestmentMany investors are working with the site. And they were happy as I am always paid me and did not miss a single payment.
17 Dec 2009 20:48U816??06Golden InvestmentReally the best program online
16 Dec 2009 19:40U816??06Golden InvestmentVery good investment program. They are paying within the time-frame. Complete investment period and reinvested.
13 Dec 2009 20:02U694??49Golden InvestmentInvested their plans right now! site paying me fine.I can trust this program.
12 Dec 2009 19:06U694??49Golden InvestmentOne of the best investment project! stable and always paid on time.
9 Dec 2009 20:30U694??49Golden InvestmentPaid so quickly, very nice site, thank you admin
8 Dec 2009 20:49U694??49Golden InvestmentIMHO, it is much better than others!
5 Dec 2009 20:42U694??49Forex-InvPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
5 Dec 2009 20:40U694??49Honest ProgramPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
4 Dec 2009 21:21U694??49Forex-InvGood job.i hope the admin will keep his excellent working
4 Dec 2009 21:19U694??49Honest ProgramGood job.i hope the admin will keep his excellent working
2 Dec 2009 21:05U694??49Honest Programpaying again and again, how wonderful, thanks
2 Dec 2009 20:57U694??49Forex-InvSerious paying program!
29 Nov 2009 21:13U694??49Forex-InvAdmin is honest and pay on time
29 Nov 2009 20:59U694??49Honest ProgramReceived payment again and again,this is one of the great Program!
28 Nov 2009 20:59U694??49Forex-Invpaid again what more can I say, great site, well done Well organized project. Right place to invest!
28 Nov 2009 20:56U694??49Honest Programone of the very good program, still paid to me
26 Nov 2009 20:07U694??49Forex-InvRight choice to invest. I trust this admin
26 Nov 2009 20:04U694??49Honest ProgramPaid. Support is very friendly!
24 Nov 2009 19:19U694??49Forex-InvI got my payment.
24 Nov 2009 19:05U694??49Honest ProgramInvested their plans right now! site paying me fine.I can trust this program.
23 Nov 2009 21:16U694??49Forex-InvSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time.
23 Nov 2009 20:01U694??49Honest ProgramThe best program for sure!!!
22 Nov 2009 17:54U694??49Forex-InvThis program and Admin are very impressive honest payouts get paid today fast as promised.
22 Nov 2009 17:42U694??49Honest ProgramExcellent program! Never misses payment.
20 Nov 2009 20:40U694??49Forex-InvPaid again as always. This is a very good site and honest admin.
20 Nov 2009 20:34U694??49Honest ProgramVery cool looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program.
13 Nov 2009 20:44U694??49Honest ProgramAll payments received, Reinvested!
13 Nov 2009 20:39U694??49Forex-InvAll payments received, Reinvested!
10 Nov 2009 18:57U694??49Forex-InvI got my payment after short time of investment.... you are cool and i got paid instantly.
10 Nov 2009 18:47U694??49Honest ProgramHot program, they paid me after the investing. thanks admin
9 Nov 2009 21:07U471??75Forex-InvGood site. Well done!
9 Nov 2009 21:05U694??49Honest ProgramGood site. Well done!
9 Nov 2009 5:39U013??78OctProfitpayment recived again!very good site with stable plan!!
8 Nov 2009 20:16U471??75Forex-InvIts a serious investment project with exellent group of admins!. Thanks!
8 Nov 2009 20:02U694??49Honest ProgramPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
7 Nov 2009 19:44U471??75Forex-InvThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will pay as quick as usual
7 Nov 2009 19:41U694??49Honest ProgramGood job.i hope the admin will keep his excellent working
4 Nov 2009 20:26U500??96Forex-InvThe site paying!!! Really nice program!
3 Nov 2009 20:44U500??96Forex-Invthanks this program, Payment received!
2 Nov 2009 21:26U500??96Forex-InvReceived your payment Admin
1 Nov 2009 15:35U500??96Forex-InvThanks! I have again received fast payment.
30 Oct 2009 20:10U500??96Forex-Invpayments regular! i like to work with this program!
29 Oct 2009 20:34U500??96Forex-InvMaybe this is really the best program online Serious paying program.
28 Oct 2009 20:13U500??96Forex-Invgot paid on 1st investment!
27 Oct 2009 20:07U500??96Forex-InvPaid all the time! Great Program!!!
26 Oct 2009 19:55U500??96Forex-Invpaid again and again and again....
24 Oct 2009 19:19U500??96Forex-InvNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
23 Oct 2009 19:38U694??49Forex-Invgood job.i hope the admin will keep his excellent working