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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
1 Jul 2010 11:26U368??00Trader Fund MarketI have received money from this best project!
26 Jun 2010 21:11U864??35Global Market SolutionsVery-very good. I really like it !
26 Jun 2010 21:11U864??35United Cash Bankvery good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
26 Jun 2010 21:10U864??35Global Bond FundVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
26 Jun 2010 21:10U864??35Tillotson Investmentsgot payment today, really nice.
7 May 2010 11:27U678??50Barclay Premier FundIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
7 May 2010 11:26U678??50Private Asset ManagementHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
7 May 2010 11:25U678??50Norge Gold BankMy first withdrawal received!
7 May 2010 11:25U678??50Trader Fund MarketPaid In Liberty Account Today. Great Going
2 May 2010 8:37U182??53NDCA Traders FundYou have again INSTANTLY paid me.
2 May 2010 8:36U182??53Wealth Generation ClubWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic Thinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual.
2 May 2010 8:36U182??53Royal Gold ExpertsThe perfect site... Do not wait, INVEST and receive the profit.
2 May 2010 8:35U182??53Global Bond FundTo my mind this PROGRAM is the best of all ever seen! Paid me as usual, so far so great.
2 May 2010 8:34U182??53Private Asset ManagementI got all my payment !!! This site is paying again. Thanks very much Admin
2 May 2010 8:34U182??53Venture Finance Corp.Very Honest payouts and on time! Get paid today as usual.
2 May 2010 8:33U182??53Norge Gold BankPaid quickly no problem, honest admin!thanks!!!keep up the good work!
2 May 2010 8:33U182??53FXCM Money CentralExcellent program! Never misses payment.
12 Apr 2010 11:54U368??00NDCA Traders Fundpaid and paid very fast as always!!! Thanks for the stable,long term,paying trustworthy program !!
12 Apr 2010 11:53U368??00Wealth Generation ClubPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!thanks!!!
12 Apr 2010 11:53U368??00Tillotson Investmentspaying without trouble, thanks for payment
25 Mar 2010 15:14U270??04Interbank FX ClubToday's payout received as usual, i am happy here.
25 Mar 2010 15:14U270??04NDCA Traders Fundstill get paid on time! Great program
25 Mar 2010 15:13U270??04Perfect Business Solutionstable and always paid on time.
25 Mar 2010 15:13U270??04Wealth Generation Clubgetting payment right on time! Very happy.
4 Mar 2010 17:52U240??80World Trust BankNo delay payments! paid me without problems,thanks admin.
4 Mar 2010 17:51U240??80Tillotson InvestmentsReally cool program, my favorite place to invest, paid me again and again!
4 Mar 2010 17:50U240??80Perfect Business SolutionThanks for paying out my payouts.
4 Mar 2010 17:50U240??80Barclay Premier FundA great paying site like you are needed for big investors like me... i invested
4 Mar 2010 17:49U240??80NDCA Traders FundSuper Program,quality program! Paying steadily,thank you admin!
4 Mar 2010 17:48U240??80Global Market SolutionsBest ever paying hyips.... you are doing wonderfully good admin.
25 Dec 2009 15:47U790??95Persona-Financegreat admin...I have gotten my realy cool % profit few minutes ago
25 Dec 2009 15:39U790??95Profit-CapitalI received my payment $32,500 after ten days!Now I can say I belive in the power of hyips!!thanks once more!!!
4 Dec 2009 18:46U910??42Wealth Generation ClubThis paying project has never missed a payment.I am very glad to be with site!
4 Dec 2009 18:46U910??42NDCA Traders Fundpaying me all profit! thanks admin please keep up your work! i invest again!
4 Dec 2009 18:45U910??42Global Market SolutionsSo far never give me a oblems..payment prompt and fast..Keep it up admin.
25 Oct 2009 9:34U910??42Royal Gold ExpertsNo problems with payouts. Thanks
25 Oct 2009 9:34U910??42Bern Business ClubReceived your paiment
25 Oct 2009 9:33U910??42Wealth Generation ClubVery trustworthy a serious investment program....
25 Oct 2009 9:32U910??42United Cash Bankthe best HYIP!nice!
25 Oct 2009 9:32U910??42Perfect Business SolutionWhat a great project!
25 Oct 2009 9:31U910??42Wall Street InvestmentsStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
25 Oct 2009 9:30U910??42Diamond Instant ProfitsPaid In Liberty Account Today. Great Going
25 Oct 2009 9:30U910??42NDCA Traders FundMy first withdrawal received!
23 Oct 2009 15:17U526??21Royal Gold ExpertsExtremely good program. It pays always on time no delay!!!!!
23 Oct 2009 15:16U526??21Bern Business Clubnice to see everyone happy and get paid. Really looks great
23 Oct 2009 15:15U526??21Wealth Generation ClubI got my payment after short time of investment.... you are cool and i got paid instantly..
23 Oct 2009 15:15U526??21United Cash BankGood Investment... Thanks for paying out the money.
23 Oct 2009 15:14U526??21Perfect Business SolutionPaying, great program and excellent site.
23 Oct 2009 15:14U526??21Wall Street InvestmentsGetting payments on time! Good
23 Oct 2009 15:13U526??21Diamond Instant ProfitsThey are paying me very good thanks again!!
23 Oct 2009 15:12U526??21NDCA Traders FundHot program, they paid me after the investing. thanks admin
13 Oct 2009 10:08U728??85Bern Business ClubMy first payment here. I think it is one of the best hyip
13 Oct 2009 10:07U728??85Wealth Generation ClubFast payment. Fast hyip. Very good! Paying to me again and again.
14 Sep 2009 18:09U046??95SEC Global FundThanks for your honesty.payout is received.
14 Sep 2009 18:09U046??95Perfect Business SolutionPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
14 Sep 2009 18:07U046??95NDCA Traders FundExcellent program paid without problem I strongly recommend this program.
14 Sep 2009 18:07U046??95Tresor Money UnionAlways paying!I'll reinvest!
14 Sep 2009 18:06U046??95Diamond Instant ProfitsGot paid and I have made many profits.
14 Sep 2009 18:05U046??95Barclay Premier FundThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today.
14 Sep 2009 18:05U046??95Interbank FX ClubAdmin are very impressive,got paid on time!
19 Aug 2009 4:00U046??95Sky Wealth FundPaid for referral Commissions and regular!
19 Aug 2009 3:59U046??95Perfect Business SolutionBest site for instant payout system untill today !!
19 Aug 2009 3:59U046??95Capitolia Profit CenterInstantly paid again and again !!
19 Aug 2009 3:58U046??95Diamond Instant ProfitsGreat Paying site.
19 Aug 2009 3:57U046??95Interbank FX ClubThank you admin,Very fast withdrawal received
14 Jun 2009 6:55U193??85Capitolia Profit CenterAll in time. Super project! payment received. Thanks.
14 Jun 2009 6:55U193??85Diamond Instant ProfitsI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
14 Jun 2009 6:55U193??85World Wealth ClubPaid me like usually thanks admin..keep your program forever
14 Jun 2009 6:54U193??85Barclay Premier FundThe next payment is received.
14 Jun 2009 6:54U193??85Interbank FX Clubpayments regular ! i like to work with this program!
14 Jun 2009 6:53U193??85Global Market Solutionsgetting payment right on time! Very happy.