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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
12 Sep 2009 22:14U393??11BuxnexThis one keeps on paying and paying, great program
2 Sep 2009 14:24U603??43Ten TradersUntil now,the site paid to me still no problem and it is regular. Keep up this one.
1 Sep 2009 3:45U714??01SMDIf you not paid me ,I will keep vote here everyday
30 Aug 2009 12:33U603??43CRUZ MoneyGot payment again Batch: 19125653
9 Aug 2009 13:48U633??91Ten TradersPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
8 Aug 2009 0:08U488??91Ten TradersMy congratulation all of you, who invest it! They really pay!
7 Aug 2009 11:15U633??91Ten TradersThey are real progrssionable
29 Jul 2009 11:29U633??91Ten TradersIt is really great. Paid Me Fast. Very Good Thanks Admin
8 Jul 2009 1:15U781??42Trusty Funda great program, reinvested again, they are paying
6 Jul 2009 6:36U942??07Trusty FundI received another payment today,admin paid me very fast ,thank you! really nice serious project!
4 Jul 2009 8:24U603??43Trusty FundNew Paid received today! I hope this one can last long.
27 May 2009 6:46U488??91CNNFxClubpaid again
24 May 2009 7:40U488??91CNNFxClubthank you for making me rich
20 May 2009 6:45U633??91CNNFxClubthanks admin your response was helpful
19 May 2009 7:35U781??42CNNFxClubwell seriouse program! Honest admin. hyip is one of the best!
30 Mar 2009 7:51 U793??35 Gorgeous Profitfantastic program!they keep on paying and paying