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2 Jan 2009 2:56U585??732009 IncomePaid! Rec'd double my investment! Thanks admin!!
26 Dec 2008 14:30U585??73GoldenInvest ProPaid!! and quickly!! Thanks Admin!!
21 Oct 2008 15:19U585??73Snow FundGo to their site and click " paid out" and see who they have paid to in the last three days. Don't throw your money away!
21 Oct 2008 15:07U585??73Auto700Do you really think they are going to gain that much by investing. This is a ponzi and they only pay to rating groups s they can get a good rating and take your money
21 Oct 2008 15:01U585??73Mega ForexerDon't waste your money. This is owned by the same co. thats ripping people off.
21 Oct 2008 14:54U585??73The PayingDon't spend. I waited 1 week and got nothing. This is obviously just another scam. They only pay to rating groups.
21 Oct 2008 14:46U585??73Hot-FundI wated 1 week with a pending withdrawal. Rec'd nothing and no response to E-Mails. Obviously to get a good rating to take our money they only pay out to the rating groups.
21 Oct 2008 14:23U585??73Majestic FundI waited 1 week for my pending withdrawal. No response of my E-Mails and no money. Obviously this scam only pays rating groups and their friends. They were paying people that got in way after me so they preprogram it and probably sit on a beach somew
20 Oct 2008 16:02U585??73Snow FundNotice all the positive votes are from the same person. I have waited 1 week and have received nothing from my pending withdrawal. MaxHYIP shame on you to say they are paying. They only pay out to rating groups and their friends.
20 Oct 2008 15:53U585??73Real600After 1 week nothing! These positive votes are all from the same person and are false!! Scam!!
17 Oct 2008 14:12U585??73Platinum Trade Inc.deposited Monday! I have seen nothing! Scam!!
17 Oct 2008 3:06U585??73The PayingPAID TODAY!!! Great Program!!
17 Oct 2008 3:01U585??73Hot-Fundpaid!! Great Fund
17 Oct 2008 2:55U585??73Majestic Fundpaid!! Great Fund!
16 Oct 2008 15:52U585??73Snow FundI invested here monday and rec'd nothing. No money in LR and no response of my E-Mails Scam