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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
26 Jan 2007 5:20367??64Earn-FastPaid instant on test spend...
13 Jan 2007 1:09367??64Europe Trade LtdIt happened to me too, I sent an email and they fixed it right away, 2nd try the payment showed in my eGold instantly...
4 Jan 2007 19:13367??64FX Golden UnionNever Paid this is a Scam out of Hong Kong with fake votes
28 Dec 2006 20:01367??64Real Time Investnuther AmsterDamn Scam... now they've fooled me twice, but I'm still not as pissed as "26171" he's been around a while how many times did they git him?
27 Dec 2006 17:37367??64Real Time Investlost deposit, no response... can ya say Swiss Gold II...
24 Dec 2006 21:11367??64Invest2ProPaid again, molehill growing to a mountain... what more can I ask...
23 Dec 2006 23:31367??64FX Golden Uniontake a look at history, all real investors have been scammed don't believe any positive votes...
20 Dec 2006 4:31367??64Q-InvestmentPayments flowing again, glad to see they recovered...
20 Dec 2006 3:07367??64Unfailing InvestPaid instant on test payout...
15 Dec 2006 19:55367??64FX Golden UnionDeposit 11/11 never paid... show me the money and I'll stop slamming you batch 70659906 Dave
14 Dec 2006 4:00367??64Invest2ProPaid Daily on time for 5 weeks now...
28 Nov 2006 20:02367??64Invest2Propaid daily since my last vote... thx again, Dave
22 Nov 2006 0:41367??64Hourly PercentPaid Instantly again, new programs and increased %... Dave
18 Nov 2006 22:35367??64FX Golden UnionNever PAID... How does this get so many green votes, I never received a penny of payout and they didn't refund my deposit or answer emails... Dave
13 Nov 2006 1:10367??64FX Golden UnionNo Payout today... no response to email
11 Nov 2006 20:00367??64Hourly PercentPaid instantly, just incresed payouts again... Dave
8 Nov 2006 22:52367??64Invest2Propaid 10 minutes after request... thx Dave
8 Nov 2006 22:06367??64Hourly PercentPaid instantly, I already liked their plan and now it's even better
8 Nov 2006 17:39367??64ToppingFundsPaid, 5 times since my last review... thx Dave
7 Nov 2006 20:47367??64GixMixno payment today
4 Nov 2006 19:33367??64Hourly PercentPaid instantly again
4 Nov 2006 17:36367??64Uniqin Cono payout this morning, if it clears later I'll revote, no response to email
4 Nov 2006 2:29367??64Swiss Finance GroupThey haven't paid anyone in several days, are you voting for the right program?
3 Nov 2006 23:16367??64Showing YOU The MoneyI get the dummy penalty, they paid and I put it back into the hourly program, they took the funds away for penalty. They did pay instantly but I'm not going back...
3 Nov 2006 0:16367??64MinutelyProfitlooks like the system is hung up, 3 deposits that didn't complete this afternoon, I'll update when I see it clear
2 Nov 2006 19:40367??64GixMixI've been paid every day since I joined, keep re-entering without a problem
2 Nov 2006 18:43367??64Swiss Finance GroupI have 2 deposits that have passed the end date, one by 20 hours, I know eGold was down yesterday, but not looking good right now...
29 Oct 2006 23:07367??64Uniqin Co2 things I can depend on every morning, the sun rises and Uniqin paid to my egold account... thx Dave
29 Oct 2006 23:04367??64BOKA Investevery morning the pile gets bigger and is waiting in my egold account. another one of my favorites thx Dave
29 Oct 2006 23:01367??64GixMixpays like clockwork, I always know it will be there in the morning... one of my favorites thx, Dave
29 Oct 2006 22:56367??64ToppingFundspaying the monitor, but none of the investors, keep clearing the withdrawals without paying a penny 2 weeks without a cent.... don't waste a penny on this one
29 Oct 2006 2:40367??64Hourly Percentinstant payouts every time I asked... thumbs up rating!!!
26 Oct 2006 22:06367??64MinutelyProfitpaid instant on all requests... looks good so far
26 Oct 2006 21:26367??64hourly-Rushpaid teasers until big deposit, not a penny since
25 Oct 2006 17:04367??64Hourly Percentone of the best I've found, paid instant to egold on request each and every time