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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
30 Jan 2007 14:55261??99500 Forex ClubBEWARE!!! Never paid 5.00 spend 1-27-07...using FAKE votes to SUCKER people. No Response to emails..BIG SCAM!!!!!
29 Jan 2007 5:12261??99Time-To-InvestSOLID PROGRAM...INVEST, YOU WON'T GO WRONG!!!
25 Dec 2006 1:03261??99Real Time InvestROTTEN SCAM...stole 100-dollars. They only pay small spends. DON'T INVEST...I HATE THESE DIRTY RATS...HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!!
16 Dec 2006 3:55261??99Star HyipDON'T INVEST...STOLE MY 50-DOLLARS.....a dirty, filty, rotten bunch that will burn in you know where!!!!
1 Dec 2006 3:29261??99Idea-ProfitDIRTY SCAM.......suckered me with one payout, then STOLE 50-DOLLARS. WON'T RESPOND TO EMAILS....LIARS, THIEVES, DON'T INVEST!!!!
29 Nov 2006 2:41261??99FX Golden UnionDON'T INVEST...RIP-OFF, using FAKE votes to STEAL YOUR MONEY. A DIRTY SCAM, STOLE MY MONEY TWICE!!! Never again, rotten thieves!!!!
18 Nov 2006 4:18261??99200MoneyROTTEN SCAM!! DON'T INVEST.....paid several small spends, then STOLE 100 dollars.
16 Oct 2006 13:01261??99Red Bean GoldROTTEN SCAM....stole 50.00...DON'T INVEST!!!!!!!
7 Oct 2006 18:21261??99PizartiDON'T INVEST!!! Never paid on an 11.00 spend....SCAM