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31 Jul 2008 14:52U725??73MalekulPaid! Long life to you!!!
31 Jul 2008 14:47U820??93NemfisaI got paid fast, Thanks admin!!!!
31 Jul 2008 14:37U625??44SimoukaPaid as promised. Very accurate paying each time.
31 Jul 2008 14:31U570??35ss777ssAlways paid on time. GREAT GREAT Program
31 Jul 2008 14:15U811??36Dokpremiumgot paid again,thanks so much, and please keep up the good work. You are the BEST of the BEST!!
31 Jul 2008 13:55U914??79Acmos TradeI am in profits and make a new deposit today,good luck for me.
23 Mar 2008 13:49U294??04LovelyGoldThis Prgramm is great, instant payout, in few minutes i have 20% Profit, VERY GOOD
27 Jan 2008 11:13U335??69egold Profit ClubAlways paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
27 Jan 2008 11:12U335??69Professional Trade Corp.Very-very good. I really like it !
27 Jan 2008 11:12U335??69Platinum Trade Inc.Paid w/o problems.
27 Jan 2008 11:11U335??69Global Market SolutionsReceived your payment Admin
27 Jan 2008 11:10U335??69FX Diamonds profit! great)