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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
29 Apr 2008 19:22U481??56GEOrozenVery stable and reliable great program.
28 Apr 2008 17:53U625??92DayBusinessman3.43$ withdrawal received in 5 hours sank you
24 Apr 2008 15:11U481??56HoldenLimitDon't hesitate to invest in this site,otherwise you will be upset forever!
24 Apr 2008 14:44U555??91Acmos TradeVery professional management and many others good things.
17 Apr 2008 4:27U079??60HoldenLimitVery good program. Paying fast and as promised. Fast access to homepage and withdrawal section.
15 Apr 2008 14:45U555??91HoldenLimitYou are salt of the earth.I admire your honesty & punctuality.
7 Apr 2008 14:36U376??56HoldenLimitMen this investment is really paying-the best paying so far.
2 Apr 2008 15:20U601??76HoldenLimitPaid today. Thanks admin.
26 Mar 2008 15:35U472??35PavelCompanyA paying program! Pay fast and believe is a solid program!
26 Mar 2008 15:20U769??46LovelyGoldA paying program! Pay fast and believe is a solid program!
25 Mar 2008 4:56U472??35LovelyGoldHas Got the second payment. THE GOOD LAD! So keep! YOU BEST!!!
23 Mar 2008 0:28U079??60MordodMoneyThanks again for this months payment , another great return from this honest program
21 Mar 2008 21:38U376??56LovelyGoldKeeps on and on paying.
21 Mar 2008 15:17U240??80Norvik Gold EmpireOne of the best
21 Mar 2008 15:16U240??80Global Market SolutionsPaying me every day
21 Mar 2008 15:16U240??80Gold Business Palacegood admin response
21 Mar 2008 15:15U240??80Offshore Private ClubReceived your payment Admin
21 Mar 2008 15:15U240??80Private Gold HoldingPaying me every day
13 Mar 2008 12:31U625??92OG FundReliable and certified program.
1 Mar 2008 2:18U233??03UndotrekGet my money to e-gold account very quickly after requesting.
27 Feb 2008 2:04U625??44UndotrekMy deposit became larger and larger each day!
24 Feb 2008 2:46U601??76UndotrekPaying program with good support.
24 Feb 2008 2:41U601??76USDjokerPaying program with good support.
21 Feb 2008 2:48U294??04UndotrekGot payment today.
17 Feb 2008 1:01U555??91UndotrekGood project! Always quickly payments.
16 Feb 2008 0:13U570??35UndotrekThank you. got paid.
15 Feb 2008 1:38U233??03UndotrekGet another payment.Thanks
14 Feb 2008 2:17U769??46UndotrekReally site is very good and works for a long time.
12 Feb 2008 23:36U570??35UndotrekGood site. Well done.
12 Feb 2008 2:30U820??93UndotrekEarned fund quite as promised.
11 Feb 2008 1:55U481??56UndotrekBeen paid, thx.