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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
25 Apr 2008 20:11U385??38RistevVery good results received during the investion process
24 Apr 2008 20:47U376??56HoldenLimitpay and pay and pay.. good still good work..
22 Apr 2008 20:03U177??75HoldenLimitRecommended Program Full paid again.!
21 Apr 2008 18:13U330??73HoldenLimitThe best program for sure!
17 Apr 2008 17:32U740??56RistevI invest in it because I trust it
8 Apr 2008 17:27U837??88YondixLooking very good! Done well!
7 Apr 2008 16:20U472??35HoldenLimitGot paid and I have made many profits.
30 Mar 2008 13:20U914??79LovelyGoldThe most stable project on the net. Always pays.
30 Mar 2008 13:17U914??79PavelCompanyThe most stable project on the net. Always pays.
30 Mar 2008 12:53U914??79HoldenLimitThe most stable project on the net. Always pays.
18 Mar 2008 17:32U391??03LovelyGoldI got paid. Super program.
17 Mar 2008 16:07U391??03MordodMoneySuper fast paying site.
6 Mar 2008 18:51U811??36UndotrekDon't pass realy high paid PROGRAM.
6 Mar 2008 18:39U811??36USDjokerBe patient. Good PROGRAM.
6 Mar 2008 18:32U391??03ForexdoleAgain thank the Administrator.