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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
9 May 2008 16:00U079??65GEOrozenA paying program! Pay fast and believe is a solid program!
9 May 2008 15:50U079??65HoldenLimitvery very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
18 Apr 2008 20:37U485??44GEOrozenPaid very quickly,good service !
18 Apr 2008 20:18U911??29HoldenLimitPAID!!!Thank for excellent work Admin!
13 Apr 2008 20:20U911??29GEOrozenMy investment just double,this program really pay, I wonder why it was not rated at the top 10.
13 Apr 2008 20:14U400??10PevKoRomMy investment just double,this program really pay, I wonder why it was not rated at the top 10.
13 Apr 2008 19:55U800??52HoldenLimit
2 Apr 2008 15:17U400??10GooglemonPay instantly to my e-gold account! Still a good and great program!
2 Apr 2008 15:05U800??52YouForexTradeThis program is very stable and paying. Mikiblu126
2 Apr 2008 15:00U800??52HoldenLimitThis program is very stable and paying. Mikiblu126
2 Apr 2008 14:50U800??52PavelCompanyGood program. Payments as scheduled each day, good support and slow but steady growth.
2 Apr 2008 12:34U079??65LovelyGold
22 Mar 2008 13:08U247??35PavelCompanyBatch 87811045,paid me very fast after i withdraw,really great site!!!
22 Mar 2008 13:02U247??35LovelyGoldthis is one the most reliable programs in the world, very professional and stable with good plans. every one should join this
22 Mar 2008 12:44U247??35MordodMoneysuperb site! always paid and received money from this program. I like it,they are really paying...!! GOOD JOB ADMIN !
8 Mar 2008 19:17U164??17ForexEGtradeI believe this company. They are honest reinvestors.
8 Mar 2008 19:12U164??17ForexdoleI've worked with this program about two days. There were no problems with paying out.
8 Mar 2008 19:07U164??17USDjokerit has paid me like clock work.
6 Mar 2008 14:53U919??71SmuutStable payout! Good program!
6 Mar 2008 14:48U919??71ForexEGtradepaying and paying, thanks verey very much admin
6 Mar 2008 14:43U919??71Forexdolegot paid very fast...admin good work ...gogogo...
6 Mar 2008 14:38U919??71USDjokerCool! Instant paid again! Good job, admin!
6 Mar 2008 14:27U919??71UndotrekAdmins, thanks for your wonderful work!!! Your program is the best!!
4 Mar 2008 11:37U667??52ForexEGtradeVery professional site!
4 Mar 2008 11:29U667??52ForexdoleGood job admin!Thanks!!!
4 Mar 2008 11:15U667??52UndotrekMy favorite prog. Paid.
1 Mar 2008 19:42U596??33ForexEGtradePaid!Nice!
27 Feb 2008 12:23U484??59ForexdoleNice Good Excellent Site I Got! Reply From Admin, 100% Super
27 Feb 2008 11:16U484??59USDjokerVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
27 Feb 2008 11:09U484??59UndotrekTotally satisfied with the program
25 Feb 2008 8:10U548??57USDjokerYes. Be patient. Its paying.
25 Feb 2008 8:02U548??57UndotrekStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
22 Feb 2008 7:53U298??66USDjokerTHIS IS THE BEST IN ALL WORLD!!! I AM HAPPY :)
22 Feb 2008 7:46U298??66UndotrekVery good and it has become instant it paid me instantly today thanks admin I am very happy