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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
23 Feb 2008 8:19U071??24Stock HYIPwithdrawals are instant good program so far user checkinghyip
23 Feb 2008 7:00U071??24Crown Gold Groupmade deposit 3 days ago not paid at all willl update if paid user checkinghyip
23 Feb 2008 6:59U071??24DowJones-Investmentstill not paid STAY AWAY BIG SCAM user checkinghyip
21 Feb 2008 21:34U071??24DowJones-Investmentpaid first day not paid again user checkinghyip will update if paid
21 Feb 2008 21:27U071??24FreshDepositbig scam!! had withdrawal request for 11/2 days no response will update if paid username checkinghyip
21 Feb 2008 7:49U071??24Strong-Paybig scam!!! still not paid.... user checkinghyip
19 Feb 2008 19:45U071??24Strong-Payhad withdraw for 3 days... not paid will update if paid user checkinghyip
11 Feb 2008 17:18U071??24Actual Hourlypaid on time very promptly, very happy with service user checkinghyip
11 Feb 2008 5:18U071??24World Hourlyfirst two payments prompt ... still waiting for last withdrawal 2 days
9 Feb 2008 18:49E2??75World Hourlynice program paid, user checkinghyip
9 Feb 2008 18:46U071??24Actual Hourlypaying promptly ... user id checkinghyip
7 Feb 2008 6:26E2??75JetIncomesupport not responsive lost deposit
7 Feb 2008 6:21E2??75Auto-Payingstill waiting on 666.00 withdrawal
5 Feb 2008 8:37E2??75Auto-Payingstill waiting on withdrawals requested on 1-23-08
28 Jan 2008 7:02E2??75Auto-Payingrequest withdrawl made 1-23-08 still waiting
22 Jan 2008 16:53E2??75AutoGoldMakerbeen waiting on withdrawal to be deposited for 2 1/2 days i wil repost if they finally pay