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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
8 Oct 2008 15:01U609??58500-dollarsPayment received
3 Oct 2008 13:59U820??93Poker350This site is the most investing site in term of payment
2 Oct 2008 15:06U910??42Gold Business PalacePaid on time as usual!!
2 Oct 2008 15:06U910??42Nolan Trading SocietyI got my 1st interest
2 Oct 2008 15:05U910??42Aurum Reality FoundationGood hyip...paid!
29 Sep 2008 15:03U609??58MegasotI successfully received 100$
26 Aug 2008 19:06U769??46MonemokeIt doesn't take a long to get paid, that is a good side of this hyip.
5 Jul 2008 14:52U570??35Dokpremiumanother payment Payments receive very fast!The admin is honest and responsive!
24 Jun 2008 21:40U768??74SimoukaThis site is uniqe in paying fast and ontime
24 Jun 2008 19:50U294??04DokpremiumThanks for all good things that this company has done to me!
18 Jun 2008 20:08U769??46DokpremiumI've recommended this program to all my friends and now they thank me and receive their profit.
18 Jun 2008 19:30U177??75Acmos TradeI will continue hailing you the more you continue paying me.
16 Jun 2008 17:23U555??91DokpremiumSimply the best program ever, reliable and honest service. Paid again, thank you.
14 May 2008 15:22U294??04InstantProgrammStrong hyip. Paying as usual.
14 May 2008 14:54U725??73GEOrozenPaying normally.How stable progran and conscientious admin!
6 May 2008 12:56U625??44GEOrozenI verify this program , Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
6 May 2008 12:41U769??46HoldenLimitYour payments Is One of The Best in world.
6 May 2008 12:20U472??35DayBusinessmanI received my payment !Now I can say I belive in the power of hyips!!thanks
6 May 2008 12:17U725??73HotForexDayI am in profit, this is a serious paying investment program. Always pays without problems!! Thanks
28 Apr 2008 17:06U769??46Acmos TradeFast & punctual.You always pay on the nail.Thanks
23 Apr 2008 15:42U233??03HoldenLimitYour fast paying and honesty always amaze me.
21 Apr 2008 14:19U376??56HoldenLimitThe STABLE and reliable project... Always pays!
10 Apr 2008 18:08U820??93HoldenLimitHonest and correctly paying HYIP.
10 Apr 2008 17:57U820??93GooglemonHonest and correctly paying HYIP.
1 Apr 2008 14:30U391??03LovelyGoldI'm very satisfied. This program pays me every request since I'm in!!!
1 Apr 2008 14:23U555??91PavelCompanyI'm very satisfied. This program pays me every request since I'm in!!!
1 Apr 2008 14:06U570??35HoldenLimitI'm very satisfied. This program pays me every request since I'm in!!!
29 Mar 2008 16:57U079??60PavelCompanyMany thanks to Admin for continued effort in daily interest payment.
29 Mar 2008 16:38U625??44HoldenLimitMany thanks to Admin for continued effort in daily interest payment.
26 Mar 2008 16:04U391??03PavelCompanyHave received payments and rate very good. Thanks admin.
26 Mar 2008 15:49U330??73LovelyGoldHave received payments and rate very good. Thanks admin.
21 Mar 2008 15:56U472??35OG FundHave received payments and rate very good. Thanks admin.
19 Mar 2008 15:51U177??75OG FundI am being paid every business day. I can see a bright future on this program.
17 Mar 2008 17:15U725??73MordodMoneyNice Good Best Excellent Site 100%
12 Mar 2008 15:42U811??36OG FundAll ok..........
3 Mar 2008 21:52U820??93UndotrekReally PAID program. Nice design.
3 Mar 2008 21:49U820??93ForexdoleReally PAID program. Nice design.
27 Feb 2008 0:18U294??04USDjokervery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
22 Feb 2008 2:38U555??91UndotrekNice Excellent Payment.
22 Feb 2008 2:35U555??91USDjokerExcellent programm! Admin paid me.
21 Feb 2008 1:36U481??56UndotrekInterest paid thanks.
14 Feb 2008 1:40U391??03UndotrekPays ontime every day. Thanks ADMIN.
11 Feb 2008 0:18U391??03FinansertReferral bonus received.
7 Feb 2008 2:19U601??76450comJust got third payment.
7 Feb 2008 2:17U601??76SancegoldGood Program - Pays Well.
7 Feb 2008 2:15U601??76e-bullibGood Program - Pays Well.
7 Feb 2008 2:10U601??76KlondPaid quickly no problem, honest admin.
6 Feb 2008 3:00U376??56450comPaid me on time again...
6 Feb 2008 2:58U376??56SancegoldGet my nice profits, thx admin.
6 Feb 2008 2:56U376??56e-bullibGet my nice profits, thx admin.
6 Feb 2008 2:54U376??56KlondPaid me $100 again, it is the best program.
29 Jan 2008 14:32U484??59450comalways get paid never miss out any payment. Thanks
29 Jan 2008 14:21U484??59IntadollarPaid! oluwaseun
29 Jan 2008 14:08U484??59e-bullibI never missout any payment in LR. Thank u very much
29 Jan 2008 14:00U484??59KlondVery Very VERY HONEST ADMIN,Never miss out any payment,Just get paid less than 2 hours. Thank U Pablo.