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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyProgramComments
10 Feb 2008 3:38456??01Quix GainSORRY TO TELL EVERYONE NO PAY AS OF YET
6 Nov 2007 0:23456??01GT-CapitalPaying as stated/ Just redeposited for the 2nd time---keep up the good work
21 Sep 2007 21:15456??01YolodasAll your votes are the same 2 people???????
21 Sep 2007 21:09456??01NievizWhy are all the votes from the same people??????????
28 Aug 2007 22:10456??01DonoteoThe monitor is mistakken they are not paying a thing...this is a complete fraud!!! Do not invest or you will lose your money as I did!!! This is a scam!!!
25 Aug 2007 19:07456??01DonoteoI did invest and lost all my money....this is a scam!!!! DON'T INVEST HERE!!! No contact from admin. This is a Fraud
24 Aug 2007 14:44456??01ROI-Directreceived 1/7 good start!!! keep up good work
24 Aug 2007 14:40456??01UnitHYIPreceived 1/8 very good start keep up good work
17 Aug 2007 3:25456??01GainProjectThey simply are not paying a thing!!! Do not invest!!!!!
27 Jul 2007 0:58456??01InngoldI challenge you if you are paying pay me--if not stop lying to these not invest until I report that they have paid me.....
26 Jul 2007 23:12456??01Danfoll GroupYOU GUYS ARE GREAT -- My 3rd complete payout!! Investing again right now!!!
25 Jul 2007 17:12456??01DJClubzSorry guys YOU ARE NOT PAYING!!!!! DO NOT INVEST HERE
25 Jul 2007 17:04456??01InngoldSorry guys YOU ARE NOT PAYING!!!!! DO NOT INVEST HERE
24 Jul 2007 9:50456??01InngoldYou just keep on paying!!!! Thanks!! I have reinvested!! keep up the good work!!!
23 Jul 2007 16:42456??01Danfoll GroupFully paid for my 2nd investment--I reinvested!!! keep up the good work admin
23 Jul 2007 1:30456??01SolidFundAgain I ask why are you yet shown on the monitor as paying!! I now must doubt anything that is on the monitor 'cause I can't tell what is paying now!!!. You have never paid yet on the monitor you are paying everyday!!! What's upwith that?
21 Jul 2007 22:11456??01InngoldI received my first payment today exactly as specified. keep up the good works...
21 Jul 2007 21:54456??01SolidFundI invested on7/18/07 and yet to receive anything. No response from admin!! Why is top100 yet listing them as paying?
19 Jul 2007 4:58456??0130x4paid again!!!! Just like clock-work!!! Thanks Admin--keep up the good works
19 Jul 2007 4:49456??01ATF SystemHey there! Me again--you are NOT PAYING!!!! Paid me 1/7 and no more. What's up?
17 Jul 2007 4:40456??01ATF SystemHEY GUYS! What's up you forgot me today!!! I see you paid others right? Yet looking for my 2/7! Thanks for your response
17 Jul 2007 3:30456??01Firm3500I would love to give you a good vote if only I was paid!!! Wishful thinking huh? You say you paid agian on the 16th who did you pay?
16 Jul 2007 4:55456??01ATF System
16 Jul 2007 4:51456??0130x4received 1st payout 07/15/07 thanks!!!!!
18 Jun 2007 4:09376??56Rebel Financingthey just keep on paying!!! Super job guys!!!!!
3 Jun 2007 4:10376??56Rebel FinancingI have been paid on time everytime!!!!!!!!!!!