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3 Jul 2007 23:53418??91HYIPReliableWhat a joke..I invested $16 on 6/29 and they gave me my first payment of $4 and that was it..Thank God they're bad buis. ppl because I usually invest hundreds..I feel lucky..So DON"T INVEST HERE...hahahahaha $16 what a joke
26 Jun 2007 18:35418??91Aston Prosperitywell i guess its finally over..didnt get paid and either did my sister..guess thats it
24 Jun 2007 2:44418??91Aston ProsperityAll I know is that they never missed ONE payment to me..Even pays early sometimes..Most consistant site yet..thnks addm
19 Jun 2007 18:26418??91GainProjectI invested $100 on 5/24/07 and never got paid..SCAM.must only bre paying monitors..I was willing 2 invest alot more but if they cant pay $100..their $2 turds
12 Jun 2007 17:07418??91GrouprichGuess what..It's tues.the 12th and I didn't get paid..What a SUPRISE..Can we vote bad now Sir..What a SMUK...LISTEN DONT TRUST ANYMORE SITES FROM on them and see everyone went under..prob 1 guy
9 Jun 2007 19:57418??91Grouprichno one should hold your $ and put it into a 3 day program..that's a BAD sign..they say we'll be paid on 6/12/07..we'll have to wait and see..but i should of been paid 2day and they said their holding it and reinvesting it for me..YEAH RIGHT.that would be
8 Jun 2007 13:30418??91GainProjectinvested $100 on 5/24/07 never even got 1 payment..the ppl that are posting good never posted BAD about any1..every site is very good to them,,you think there with admin....DUH!!
6 Jun 2007 15:31418??91Grouprichwhen i get paid 2day im putting in 10k..great site
4 Jun 2007 18:51418??91SavingFlypaid me everyday until now..i have $800.invested..also i have $ in group rich.and they're using the same server and when you try to e-mail it's the same as sayving rich has paid me but beware..(I hope I'm wrong).We'll see 2morrow
3 Jun 2007 5:26418??91Grouprichgreat site, always pays on time..thanks admin
3 Jun 2007 5:23418??91SavingFlyawsome site,always pays on time..thanks admin
30 May 2007 13:44418??91GainProjecthow could you guys still say PAYING..maybe they just pay you (MONITORS).I still didnt ge my 1st payment from 5/24..If you don't put NOT PAYING for this site then you're NO GOOD either
26 May 2007 13:12418??91GainProjectinvested $100 5/24/07 2 days not even the first payment