Vote Information for Friday 9 December 2011


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19:04U263??01 80.57.122.* Freedom-Reservegreat, fantastic, prompt and reliable. keep it up
18:39U122??45 178.125.153.* Freedom-ReserveGood one. i got my payment today Amount:$52.60 re-invested $500 hope you pay me tommorow.
18:33U266??37 188.25.236.* Freedom-ReserveI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
18:23U940??64 86.123.198.* Freedom-ReserveI got paid again, so do not be afraid to invest here because admin is honest!
18:10U363??5478.63.86.*Freedom-ReservePayments receive very fast!The admin is honest and responsive!
17:58U430??27 178.204.161.* Freedom-Reservewithdrawal for all times,receive payment agian and again!
17:45U228??73 188.27.170.* Freedom-ReserveHe he. Got my second payment very fast. Thanks admin. You are still the best I've ever seen.
17:23U219??40 188.26.162.* Freedom-Reservethe future looks bright, i will keep investing
17:12U703??33 92.115.130.* Freedom-Reservei am rich, thank God i found you guys
16:33U242??72223.207.181.*Trusted Money MakingPaying payment received 12/09/2011 13:30 78658953 U4308366 (Trusted Mone...) $10.50
16:31U883??24124.120.103.*Trusted Money MakingWell done, 12/09/2011 14:32 78664942 U4308366 (Trusted Mone...) $31.50
16:27U315??90125.27.250.*Trusted Money MakingPayment received again! very good site Date: 12/9/2011 1:06 PM Batch: 78656529 From Account: U4308366 Amount: $25.00 Memo: Withdraw to kekie from
16:26U892??32171.4.162.*Trusted Money MakingI like it! Thanks a lot! Date: 12/09/2011 15:14 Batch: 78669964 From Account: U4308366 Amount: $20.50 Memo: Withdraw to pink from
16:13U996??83223.206.100.*Trusted Money MakingFast payment received 12/09/2011 13:46 78660423 U4308366 (Trusted Mone...) $21.00
16:12U702??34 82.4.245.* Freedom-ReserveGreat program - Payment received - Thank You!!!
15:55U535??87174.139.80.*EVBusinessYou have received a payment to your account: Date : 2011-09-12 10:44:18 Batch: 78644006 From Account: U1766864 Amount: $336.00 Memo: Withdraw to Fernandoan from EVBusiness Thank you!
15:53U634??16 109.104.184.* Freedom-Reservei just received my payment again, this is great
15:44U876??44 46.99.247.* Freedom-Reservewe vote them when get paid
15:30U190??90 178.137.144.* Freedom-Reserveis a great program I was paid fast no excuses just paid. Thanks
15:20U790??95 89.111.119.* Freedom-ReserveI did recive my first payment today, and i had the money about 15 min after i made the request
15:15U996??83223.206.100.*GeniusInvestmentsKeep paying me everyday without delay. Fast support and payment.
15:04U079??60 31.176.197.* Freedom-ReserveHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out
14:32U883??24124.120.103.*GeniusInvestmentsThank you admin: Date : 2011-09-12 09:52:21 From/To Account : U3605781 (Genius Investments) Amount : 65.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 78638336 Memo : Withdraw to aobbza from
14:05U650??88 176.31.159.* EVBusinessDate: 2011-09-12 08:29:07 From/To Account : U1766864 (EVBusiness) Amount : 280.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 78631328 Memo : Withdraw to Isabelleadams from EVBusiness Thanks admin
13:47U892??32171.4.162.*GeniusInvestmentsFirst payments received on time: Batch : 78595165
13:46U242??72223.207.181.*GeniusInvestmentsTerrific company, keep up the good work !
13:38U611??87 59.57.7.* Oil Forex Investing Co.Excellent, paying always on time. Just got paid again. batch_id:78637516. thanks a lot.
13:36U477??94201.116.215.*HyperCompoundThe amount of 5 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 09:15 09.12.11. Batch: 6854472. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request,
13:31U303??49216.172.152.*HyperCompoundStill paying well to me!i think it is nice site.seem no other programe like this one.
13:31U814??43 14.207.207.* GeniusInvestmentsPayment received fastly,thanks admin Date: 12/9/2011 9:13 AM Batch: 78634679 From Account: U3605781 (Genius Investments) Amount: $5.00 Memo: Withdraw to from
13:23U610??68204.117.211.*HyperCompoundpayment RC instant: Date: 2011-08-12 11:30:51 Batch: 78544090 From Account: U1340462 Amount: $4.59 Memo: withdraw request, Thank you Admin !
13:17U496??45 218.38.243.* HyperCompoundDate: 12/09/2011 00:25 Batch: 6852270 From Account: U2126581 Amount: $6.95 Memo: withdraw request Thank you, admin!
13:12U624??04175.41.26.*HyperCompoundPaid to my LR on time still like clock work.
12:46U484??55212.18.63.*Oil Forex Investing Co.We are very satisfied with this investment. Pay every time and good support.
12:21U143??10222.3.78.*EVBusinessPAID to Amanda always! Date : 2011-09-12 06:38:44 Batch: 78623645 From Account: U1766864 Amount: $193.50 Memo: Withdraw to Wyattwarren from EVBusiness Thank you!
12:03U605??67 210.245.9.* Oil Forex Investing Co.$49.00 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U******. Transaction batch is 78637017.
11:15U904??50140.113.222.*EVBusinessYou have received a payment to your account: Date: 2011-09-12 08:11:17 Batch: 78629939 From Account: U1766864 Amount: $196.00 Memo: Withdraw to edwina from EVBusiness
10:45U824??74202.143.146.*EVBusinessGot paid! very good. thanks admin. Date: 2011-08-12 22:47:02 Batch: 78600177 From Account: U1766864 Amount: $148.60 Memo: Withdraw to Isabelwalker from EVBusiness Thank you!
9:18 U831??76 175.145.88.* Oil and GoldSCAM SCAM IS SCAM PROGRAM. NOT INVEST...................CAREFULLY
8:48U315??90125.27.250.*High Profit INVHello kekie. $12.00 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account Uxxxxx. Transaction batch is 786306xx. High profit INV
8:30U862??05110.45.139.*EVBusiness12/09/2011 03:17 78613446 U1766864 (EVBusiness) $65.65
8:29U892??32223.205.185.*High Profit INVAsk for withdrawal: Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 78630621
8:19U821??61 216.172.152.* EVBusinessgot paid on time today Date: 12/9/2011 12:44 AM Batch: 78606821 From Account: U1766864 (EVBusiness) Amount: $132.00 Memo: Withdraw to leadking from EVBusiness thank admin!
6:39U309??28 211.141.200.* EVBusinessDate: 2011-12-09 04:39:34 Batch: 78617882 From Account: U1766864 (EVBusiness) Amount: $202.50 Memo: Withdraw to Anataylor from EVBusiness Thank you.
6:20U875??75 31.193.15.* GoldFundUntill now,The payment still Instantly,Grest project !!!!!
6:02U746??89126.15.113.*EVBusinessWithdrawal processed. Batch number: 78618592 Date: 2011-09-12 04:55:23 Batch: 78618592 From Account: U1766864 Amount: $29.40 Memo: Withdraw to zenan from EVBusiness Thank you,admin!
4:39U726??5467.104.237.*EVBusinessWithdrawal procesed. Date: 2011-09-12 02:06:07 From/To Account : U1766864 Amount : 52.20 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 78610073 Memo : Withdraw to Blakesmith from EVBusiness Thanks admin
4:06U671??86 74.3.163.* GoldFundDate : 2011-07-12 15:10:52 Account : U6203827 (GoldFund) Amount : 22.06 Currency : LRUSD Batch: 78465725Memo : Withdraw to from
3:17U865??28121.156.65.*EVBusinessgot paid today fast as promised. Date: 2011-12-09 00:37:37 Batch: 78606494 From Account: U1766864 (EVBusiness) Amount: $209.25 Memo: Withdraw to Vanessashelley from EVBusiness Thank you.
2:06U044??68 83.244.51.* EVBusinesspaying. thanks admin a lot. Date: 2011-08-12 16:36:46 Batch: 78574744 From Account: U1766864 (EVBusiness) Amount: $369.60 Memo: Withdraw to Miguelscott from EVBusiness Thank you.