Vote Information for Friday 25 November 2011



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18:14U263??0185.224.142.*Freedom-ReservePaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
17:58U122??45178.158.140.*Freedom-ReserveVery happy to be one of your investors
17:34U266??37 84.29.177.* Freedom-ReserveGetting Better
17:23U940??64109.121.211.*Freedom-ReserveIt is true! Program looks good... I successfully withdrew all my earnings.
17:15U942??07 122.147.136.* GoldFundDate: November 25, 2011 1:50:15 AM Amount Sent: $11.00 USD Sender Name: Lan Reference Number: 40A31-AFFAB-C5BEA
17:12U363??54 94.27.102.* Freedom-ReserveGood site and THANKS!!! THANKS!!! THANKS!!!
17:00U430??27 91.203.50.* Freedom-ReserveGOT PAID AGAIN VERY FAST !!! Excellent program !
16:10U603??43 46.251.228.* GoldFundIt is about several times I have been got paid by this site, the admin is doing a very good work! Support It!
15:39U500??35 173.245.95.* Oil Forex Investing Co.Date : 2011-24-11 21:31:46 From/To Account : U1700309 (O.F.I.) Amount : 17,420.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 77364654 Memo : Withdraw to from Oil Forex Investing Co.
14:20U794??96 61.252.129.* Oil Forex Investing Co.Date: 2011-11-24 21:31 Batch: 77364671 From Account: U1700309 (O.F.I.) Amount: $1.10 Memo: Withdraw to from Oil Forex Investing Co. Thank admin.
14:17U228??73 85.120.190.* Freedom-Reservei`m very satisfied with this program! paid today very fast. GOOD!!!
14:07U219??40 83.27.96.* Freedom-ReservePayment received!thanks a lot!i will re-invest soon!
13:55U703??33178.74.209.*Freedom-ReserveI always received my payout.I mean when i request my withdrawals,i can get the payment on time.
13:31U702??34 85.201.162.* Freedom-ReserveGet constantly paid on time!Next payment received today.Thank you, Admin!
13:23U634??1687.247.252.*Freedom-ReserveReceiving paid. Thank you.
13:02U026??8580.82.65.*Oil Forex Investing Co.Date: 2011-11-24 21:32 Batch: 77364699 From Account: U1700309 (O.F.I.) Amount: $7,415.00 Memo: Withdraw to from Oil Forex Investing Co.
12:57U876??44 79.113.3.* Freedom-ReserveIT IS GOOD TO GET PAID.
12:50U190??90 178.122.117.* Freedom-ReservePAID AGAN AND IT IS VERYFAST
12:10U790??95 178.140.175.* Freedom-ReserveTo be with you is a great happiness.
11:49U079??60 79.119.178.* Freedom-ReserveNever will you lack anything in life.
8:14U242??72 223.205.60.* Effective FundPaying payment received 11/25/2011 07:45 77391515 U1563828 (Effective Fund) $12.00
7:47U814??43 14.207.216.* Effective FundThanks for the honest payment. 11/25/2011 07:34 77390825 U1563828 (Effective Fund) $12.00
7:44U883??24 115.87.85.* Effective FundWithdrawal request completed successfuly! Date: 11/25/2011 7:23 AM Batch: 77390149 From Account: U1563828 (Effective Fund) Amount: $12.00 Memo: Long Plan - Paid 7/12.
3:41U032??05 62.141.42.* Inter-MoneyPaid Date : 2011-24-11 22:44:35 From/To Account : U8540116 (inter) Amount : 6420.68 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 77367577 Memo : Withdraw to oldpig31 from
3:24U739??29 176.9.36.* Inter-Moneyreceived payment as usual. Date: 2011-24-11 07:56:38 Batch: 77300004 From Account: U8540116 Amount: $1800.00 Memo: Withdraw to master9602 from Thank you.
3:09U253??1391.183.40.*Inter-MoneyDate : 2011-24-11 22:32:36 From/To Account : U8540116 (inter) Amount : 5520 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 77367106 Memo : Withdraw to phillkevin10 from Thanks admin.
2:23U776??51113.108.133.*Inter-MoneyThe site is a great project that i have been paid many times.Thanks admin.