Vote Information for Tuesday 22 November 2011


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19:36U102??79146.185.23.*Lyon CapitalsI got paid again from here without any problem today,another good program for me.
17:54U612??0674.120.15.*VLS ClubPaid quickly with no problem :-)
17:52U430??27 78.20.223.* Freedom-ReservePaing me,Thanks admin !!!Very very Good!Always paing!I'll reinvest!
17:51U857??38 173.254.192.* ORT FundsWell done !
17:47U857??38 88.198.109.* Asia Financial ServicesThank you very much !
17:47U228??73188.230.98.*Freedom-ReserveI have just cash sum amount of money you are great keep it up...
17:40U219??4084.252.61.*Freedom-Reservemany will try to compete with you, but they will never what you...
17:30U703??33 89.133.110.* Freedom-Reservepaid more than other i have received another $470
17:23U702??34 89.142.252.* Freedom-Reservealways on is great because i got $590
17:07U634??16 78.83.139.* Freedom-ReserveVery nice and perfect a profitable program almost pays fast.
16:15U876??44 188.241.29.* Freedom-ReserveSteady as a rock, Payouts are still being received.
16:00U190??90 79.119.1.* Freedom-ReserveBest support and fast payouts. Excellent program.
15:40U790??95217.108.74.*Freedom-ReserveI am interested in your honesty a lot.
15:28U079??6089.29.124.*Freedom-ReserveYou are the best hyip that I ever see.
15:20U263??01 79.97.78.* Freedom-Reservestop losing your money. Invest in this program and be happy forever
15:06U122??45 109.160.67.* Freedom-Reserveit is you, fast. Honest. punctual
14:56U266??37 109.87.134.* Freedom-Reserveyummieeeeeeeeee........ it a good day for me.........
14:22U940??64 84.124.239.* Freedom-ReserveLuck,becuase this site is realy PAY ment evry day.
13:49U996??83 171.4.9.* Profits EmpireFast payment received 11/22/2011 11:56 77119121 U7665562 (Profits Empire) $18.50
13:34U363??54109.87.24.*Freedom-Reservei will continue investing here
12:37U892??32223.205.185.*Profits EmpireI like it! Thanks a lot! Date: 11/22/2011 12:27 PM Batch: 77122656 From Account: U7665562 (Profits Empire) Amount: 22.00 Memo: Withdraw to pink from Profits-Empire
12:21U484??55212.18.63.*Oil Forex Investing Co.Our payment received, thanks. Date: 2011-21-11 07:03:33 Batch: 76998832 From Account: U1700309 Amount: $10,000.00 Memo: Withdraw to from Oil Forex Investing Co
11:56U459??85 101.109.143.* Profits EmpireNext daily payment received: Date: 2011-22-11 10:50:04 Batch: 77111653 From Account: U7665562 (Profits Empire) Amount: 40.00 Memo: Withdraw to from Profits-Empire
11:30U249??93203.142.24.*Oil Forex Investing Co.Admin good Job. fast paid again.. Date: 2011-22-11 04:57:42 Batch: 77085801 From Account: U1700309 Amount: $3.30 Memo: Withdraw to from Oil Forex Investing Co.
9:49U393??19213.188.32.*Oil Forex Investing Co.Got paid again, thank you. 11/21/2011 07:03 76998815 U1700309 (O.F.I.) $6.05 Memo: Withdraw to from Oil Forex Investing Co.
9:03U814??43 27.130.190.* Effective FundThanks for the honest payment. 11/22/2011 08:29 77098734 U1563828 (Effective Fund) $12.00
8:29U883??24 124.120.86.* Effective FundWell done, 11/22/2011 07:54 77096105 U1563828 (Effective Fund) $6.00
8:04U849??03 107.20.123.* EverPayingl got $2252.25 profit in my account now just after 24hours. Batch# 76749142. I just confirmed you GENUITY now. Honest paying program...
8:01U892??32223.205.185.*Effective FundI like it! Thanks a lot! Date: 11/22/2011 7:50 AM Batch: 77095850 From Account: U1563828 (Effective Fund) Amount: $19.00 Memo: Short Plan - Paid 4/6.
7:54U242??72 49.49.105.* Effective FundPaying payment received 11/22/2011 07:46 77095674 U1563828 (Effective Fund) $12.00
4:20U954??96 46.251.228.* GoldFundDate: November 19, 2011 12:30:10 PM Amount Sent: $60.64 USD Sender Name: Den Sender Email: Reference Number: 8A9C2-6490A-EBE0D
3:34U603??43 184.22.198.* GoldFundDate : 2011-20-11 23:36:21 From/To Account : U6203827 (GoldFund)Amount : 17.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 76982241 Memo : Withdraw from