Vote Information for Tuesday 15 November 2011


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18:27U911??7282.160.29.*ORT FundsGot paid again !
18:21U911??7282.160.29.*VLS ClubGot paid again !
16:29U876??4479.119.164.*Web-Corporatevery solid program,serieus approach and regular payouts
16:21U876??4479.119.164.*Freedom-ReserveI'm very thankful for this program. Thank you Admin!
16:09U190??90178.158.89.*Web-CorporateThis project never missed a payment. I am very glad to be with site.
16:01U190??90178.158.89.*Freedom-ReserveI think is the most stable autosurf i have invest.
15:51U790??95188.143.20.*Web-CorporateStrong program. Constant stable payouts. Compouding 100%
15:30U790??95188.143.20.*Freedom-ReserveThank you so much for this payment admin. keep it up
15:19U079??6077.122.7.*Web-CorporateAdmin are very impressived,paid $50 to me again!
15:09U079??6077.122.7.*Freedom-ReserveThis guy paid me within hours of my upgrade expiring.
15:02 U525??86 84.2.13.* LyoFundMy first deposit returned. Withdrawal completed in one hour ;)
13:49U996??83 223.205.156.* Oil and GoldWeb has always been paid well.And today it has been paid already.
13:38U571??83 223.207.135.* Oil and GoldIf you want to invest. I reccommed this site. Admin very support and fast payment.
13:38U892??32223.205.52.*Oil and GoldGreat site I received payment today, Thanks admin.
13:35U263??0186.104.44.*Web-CorporateGreat, i got paid again. my support here.great admin. good job
13:28U263??0186.104.44.*Freedom-ReserveMany thanks for an excellent program.
13:26U883??24 115.87.80.* Oil and GoldTransaction batch is 76534915 Date: 2011-15-11 12:50:54 Batch: 76534915 From Account: U2002220 Amount: $101.00 Memo: Withdraw to from
13:25U242??72 223.205.179.* Oil and GoldThanks for your typical fast and informative response to my questions!
13:06U122??4594.178.39.*Web-Corporategreat, fantastic, prompt and reliable. keep it up
12:55U122??4594.178.39.*Freedom-ReserveI recommend this program. Have paid!
12:37U266??3746.182.52.*Web-CorporateGood one. i got my payment today Amount:$52.60 re-invested $500 hope you pay me tommorow.
12:30U266??3746.182.52.*Freedom-ReserveI always invest here and always receive my payment on time Thanks a lot.
11:49U940??64188.130.193.*Web-CorporateI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
11:40U940??64188.130.193.*Freedom-ReserveReceived $380 today,admin very honest,thank you very very much:)
11:06U363??5487.253.16.*Web-CorporateI got paid again, so do not be afraid to invest here because admin is honest!
10:51U363??5487.253.16.*Freedom-ReserveI always got paid on time here. Recomend it to everyone.
10:26U430??2746.118.22.*Web-CorporatePayments receive very fast!The admin is honest and responsive!
10:18U430??2746.118.22.*Freedom-ReserveGot paid thanks admin i will refer more people to the best programme
9:23U319??16 124.121.177.* Profits EmpireNext payment Received on time as usual 11/15/2011 08:46 76511819 U7665562 (Profits Empire) $26.50
8:51U892??32223.205.52.*Profits EmpireI like it! Thanks a lot! Date: 11/15/2011 8:32 AM Batch: 76510973 From Account: U7665562 (Profits Empire) Amount: 12.00 Memo: Withdraw to pink from Profits-Empire
8:46U315??90 125.27.246.* Profits EmpirePayment received again! very good site Date: 11/15/2011 8:27 AM Batch: 76510630 From Account: U7665562 (Profits Empire) Amount: 22.50 Memo: Withdraw to kekie from Profits-Empire
8:09U960??27 93.1.139.* Saga IncomeWithdrawal request $ 30.00 [cancel] Nov-10-2011 10:54:12 AM SCAM !!!
7:25U603??43 126.15.2.* GoldFund14:15 14.11.2011 Account Receive 12.60 Received Payment 12.60 USD from account U2266162 to account U1565796. Batch: 6669182. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw from
3:50U102??79146.185.23.*Lyon CapitalsVery satisfied investing with this program, cause it always pays me on time