Vote Information for Wednesday 26 October 2011


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19:37 U929??02 194.146.229.* GPG11The project pays only to monitors!! DO NOT PUT HERE ANYTHING! SCAM
18:48U263??0178.83.243.*SuperHotPayI am so comfortable with this program!
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17:17U228??7393.73.172.*Top-InvestingUSUAL AND PUNCTUAL HYIP, THANKS ALOT.
17:11U228??7393.73.172.*SuperHotPayThis is very reliable program.Thanks for your helps.
17:05U228??7393.73.172.*Large-ProfitGot paid again, always on time,thanks admin very much!
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16:12U703??3391.202.107.*SuperHotPayReally the best online program , paid me.
16:10U319??16124.121.175.*SmoothIncomeNext payment Received on time as usual 10/26/2011 09:24 74767023 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $20.50
16:09U329??08 101.109.85.* SmoothIncomeGot paid again, thank you. 10/26/2011 12:53 74786279 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $15.00
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15:56U242??72 49.49.101.* SmoothIncomePayment received again! 10/26/2011 09:01 74763369 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $21.00
15:55U892??32 223.204.162.* SmoothIncomeI like it! Thanks a lot! Date: October 26, 2011 11:38:30 AM Amount Sent: $20.00 USD Sender Name: Charles Bentley Sender Email: Reference Number: 4D96B-CDA3F-B0F7A
15:54U996??83 49.49.75.* SmoothIncomeFast payment received 10/26/2011 08:05 74758832 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $30.50
15:46U702??3489.106.123.*Top-InvestingSo nice program! nice design and nice plan! real love it!
15:38U702??3489.106.123.*SuperHotPayReceived my payments yesterday. Many thanks admin.. Excellent payment record.
15:35U751??77209.92.144.*HyperCompoundThe amount of 11.41 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 11:16 26.10.11. Batch: 6531255. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request,
15:33U702??3489.106.123.*Large-ProfitHow honest and punctual you are.I got recieved payment after 3 hours
15:21U634??1695.155.250.*Top-InvestingWill vote when I got paid to my account. Good Support Keep work admin!
15:20U904??50112.216.193.*HyperCompoundExcellent program,paid to me as always today! i like this program more and more.
15:19U787??0081.88.52.*Oil Forex Investing Co.Today got paid again. 10/26/2011 06:58 74753125 U1700309 (O.F.I.) $20.00
15:08U821??6193.63.83.*HyperCompoundDate: 2011-10-26 00:37 Batch: 74731407 From Account: U1340462 (Hyper Compound Inc) Amount: $2.52 Memo: withdraw request, Thank you, admin!
15:06U634??1695.155.250.*SuperHotPayPaid, first payment received $50.
15:01U634??1695.155.250.*Large-ProfitGreat HYIP.All monitors now show paying
14:54U746??89 203.125.252.* HyperCompoundNext payment Received Instantly as usual, Date: 10/26/2011 02:31 Batch: 6528640 From Account: U2126581 Amount: $6.54 Memo: withdraw request
14:45U876??4483.31.71.*Top-Investingseems more and more hotter.i think the admin do the program well.
14:32U117??30 211.40.194.* Oil Forex Investing Co.Payment received! Date : 2011-25-10 08:41:55 From/To Account : U1700309 (O.F.I.) Amount : 2.20 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 74650930 Memo : Withdraw to from Oil Forex Investing Co.
14:29U876??4483.31.71.*Large-ProfitWhat a great project!
13:58U190??9088.173.70.*Top-InvestingBeen paid again.Nice site and honest admin.
13:51U190??9088.173.70.*SuperHotPaywonderful, you are worth to be call that names....
13:41U190??9088.173.70.*Large-ProfitStiil geting paid... Goood :)
13:27U790??95217.77.215.*Top-InvestingI am so glad that i often received my profits by this good program.
13:25U258??29 111.79.197.* PlusPayingAsk for withdrawal: Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 74788851
13:16U790??95217.77.215.*SuperHotPaygot paid. thanks $30.
13:15U451??89 126.114.225.* HyperCompoundPaid again today!wonderful rervice!thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!
12:46U790??95217.77.215.*Large-ProfitProfitable Investment!Thanksssssssssss!!
12:22U079??6046.118.16.*Top-InvestingYou are in my good books,I NEVER leave your site off.
12:17U079??6046.118.16.*SuperHotPaypaid into my account, thanks
12:11U079??60 178.116.149.* Large-ProfitTotally satisfied with the program
11:14U645??51 183.89.105.* Hottest HYIPPayment received in my LR! 10/26/2011 07:58 74758195 U9101518 (HottestHyip) $18.00
10:07U471??44 188.195.227.* Hottest HYIPSince last Sunday 23Oct pending $105, no reply on support ticket, now no more access to the site, this can't stay as PAYING in the monitors anymore !!!
9:27U892??32 223.206.25.* Top Income InvestmentDate: 2011-26-10 08:14:25 Batch: 74759023 From Account: U4503679 Amount: $100.00 Memo: Withdraw to from Top Income Investment Thank you.
9:23U329??08182.53.165.*Hottest HYIPLatest payment received, thanks. Date: 2011-26-10 07:35:56 Batch: 74755803 From Account: U9101518 (HottestHyip) Amount: 31.00 Memo: Withdrawal from
8:57U459??85 182.53.195.* Hottest HYIPNext daily payment received: 10/26/2011 08:13 74759591 U9101518 (HottestHyip) $21.50
8:50U315??90125.27.248.*Hottest HYIPPayment received again! very good site Date: 2011-26-10 08:14:25 Batch: 74759023 From Account: U9101518 (HottestHyip) Amount: 37.00 Memo: Withdrawal to kekie from
8:38U319??16124.121.175.*Top Income InvestmentNext payment received instantly : Date : 2011-26-10 15:56:57 From/To Account : U4503679 (Top Income Investment) Amount : 25.57 Batch : 74696906 Memo : Withdraw to darklumina from Top Income Investment
8:14U242??72223.204.40.*Hottest HYIPPaying payment received 10/26/2011 07:28 74755558 U9101518 (HottestHyip) $22.50
8:04U315??90125.27.248.*Top Income InvestmentI invest in this hyip paid instant payment. Withdraw to me from Top Income Investment, Thank admin for all paid.
7:58U459??85 101.109.138.* Top Income InvestmentDate : 2011-26-10 19:26:11 From/To Account : U4503679 (Top Income Investment) Amount : 52.80 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 74715740 Memo : Withdraw to from Top Income Investment
7:41U329??08182.53.165.*Top Income Investment$70.80 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account Top Income Investment
7:24U242??72223.204.40.*Top Income InvestmentWithdraw $100.80 Ask for withdrawal: Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 74754670
6:39U500??35 184.22.1.* Oil Forex Investing Co.$18.55 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U7******. Transaction batch is 74602681. Oil Forex Investing Co.
5:43U439??29 212.54.197.* BestMyFinanceDate : 2011-25-10 11:57:13 From/To Account : U0961478 (BestMyFinance) Amount : 24.67 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 74670052 Memo : Withdraw to civil from
5:39U580??4482.243.136.*BestMyFinance10/25/2011 04:23 74629816 U0961478 (BestMyFinance) $33.40 Memo: Withdraw to Mrxie from thanks admin again.
5:35U739??29178.18.247.*BestMyFinanceDate: 2011-10-25 12:19 Batch: 74672466 From Account: U0961478 (BestMyFinance) Amount: $17.00 Memo:Withdraw to doctor from Thanks admin.
5:28U253??13 141.57.164.* BestMyFinanceDate: 2011-25-10 15:22:05 Batch: 74692812 From Account: U0961478 Amount: $21.70 Memo: Withdraw to misshe from Thank you.
1:49U776??51113.108.133.*BestMyFinanceHonest admin,honest payout received.thanks admin a lot.