Vote Information for Friday 21 October 2011


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18:41U934??48 98.71.142.* Ideal FundHorrible dont waste your time, tried to withdrawl some moneey and ask for help why i havent got my withdrawl and now they blocked me from my account it dosent let me log in, yall suuuck!
17:32U329??08118.173.178.*Save-FundsReally excellent program! Always paying on time and instant withdrawal. Keep going and going.
17:26U634??1695.27.13.*Top-InvestingExcellent paying program! Perfect support!
17:19U634??1695.27.13.*SuperHotPayReceive the fifth payment fast. In profit.
17:14U634??1695.27.13.*Large-ProfitPaid without problems. Reliable program so far.
17:14U892??32223.205.53.*Save-FundsGreat site I received payment today, Thanks admin.
17:09U571??83 223.205.217.* Save-FundsI liked the project, I made a deposit!
17:06U242??72223.206.154.*Save-FundsIt was a really positive experience with this site I got my payment again.Cool.
17:03U876??4493.177.135.*Top-InvestingPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
16:56U876??4493.177.135.*SuperHotPayGood program..nice admin..this program is paying.
16:50U876??4493.177.135.*Large-Profitgood hyip
16:48U459??85101.51.133.*Save-FundsToday I received payment again. It is very fast. good program.
16:46U996??83223.204.113.*Save-FundsPaid In Liberty Account Today. Some referal bonus received again,Great Going
16:41U645??51 14.207.231.* SmoothIncomePayment received in my LR! 10/21/2011 16:23 74335059 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $24.00
16:30U242??72223.206.154.*SmoothIncomePayment received again! 10/21/2011 16:21 74334860 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $11.00
16:27U459??85101.51.133.*SmoothIncomeNext daily payment received: 10/21/2011 16:17 74334480 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $23.00
16:25U190??9046.98.109.*Top-Investinggood admin response
16:24U892??32223.205.53.*SmoothIncomeI like it! Thanks a lot! Date: October 21, 2011 12:10:28 PM Amount Sent: $30.00 USD Sender Name: Jeffrey Adams Sender Email: Reference Number: AB905-BF2A7-782AE
16:19U996??83223.204.113.*SmoothIncomeFast payment received 10/21/2011 14:20 74322497 U6225468 (Smooth Income) $30.50
16:19U190??9046.98.109.*SuperHotPayA program with a great future. always pay me.
16:07U190??9046.98.109.*Large-ProfitThanks for the last payment!!! very good hyip
15:53U790??9585.170.111.*Top-Investingwe have tested you and we declear you 100% good to the world.
15:42U790??9585.170.111.*Large-ProfitPAID FOR the best PLAN AGAIN.THANKS
15:19U751??7741.224.247.*HyperCompoundThe amount of 7 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 04:37 21.10.11. Batch: 6493573. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request,
15:09U640??09190.223.101.*HyperCompoundCool site.. Always received my payment on time, very satisfied with this program.Thank admin.
15:01U889??41187.49.209.*HyperCompoundDate: 2011-21-10 01:22:49 Batch: 74260982 From Account: U1340462 Amount: $3.00 Memo: withdraw request, Thank you.
14:44U079??60178.150.191.*Top-InvestingThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
14:40U079??60178.150.191.*SuperHotPayThe request was processed in time,very honest site!
14:31U079??60178.150.191.*Large-Profit$170 Paid without problems. Thanks
14:16U263??0146.211.213.*Top-InvestingI always got paid on time here. Recomend it to everyone
14:11U263??0146.211.213.*SuperHotPayReally well done site, got my paid.
14:06U830??8224.159.215.*HyperCompound21.10.11 08:13 Receive Received Payment 1.05 USD from account U2126581 to account Uxxx. Batch: 6494560. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request,
14:06U263??0146.211.213.*Large-ProfitPaying me well and fast for more than week. A great investment. Solid and honest.
13:51U122??4594.27.71.*Top-InvestingI have been paid 1 hourse after request , thanks admin
13:37U122??4594.27.71.*SuperHotPayBest support and resolve my problem. Pay me without delay.
13:37U773??30199.0.166.*HyperCompoundAdmin is honest.i like this hyip site,it really worth to invest big money for me.
13:30U122??4594.27.71.*Large-ProfitYou are too good, too much, best of which I have ever had of.
13:21U266??3788.156.123.*Top-Investinggood and reliable all payouts are on time
13:13U258??29 117.42.240.* PlusPayingAsk for withdrawal: Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 74315081
13:12U266??3788.156.123.*SuperHotPayReceived my first payment instantly. Thanks. Deposit more.
12:59U266??37178.75.225.*Large-ProfitWith what the world say about you make the true!!!!!!!!
12:40U940??6486.100.247.*Top-InvestingI have been paid today
12:22U867??6661.250.168.*PreMoneyi got paid on time from the site today Date : 2011-21-10 00:06:44 From/To Account : U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount : 980.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 74257749 Memo : Withdraw to johnhever from PreMoney
12:20U940??6486.100.247.*SuperHotPayAdmin has been paying consistently to me, Thanks Admin.
11:59U814??43 125.26.24.* Too IncomePayment received! 10/21/2011 06:42 74279956 U2183773 ( $32.00
11:50U940??64109.89.41.*Large-Profitanother payment received profit received is now $330
11:35U363??54188.130.193.*Top-Investinggot paid me toooooooooo
11:28U363??54188.130.193.*SuperHotPayThis hyip Paid very fast. very good and great program.
11:23U363??54188.130.193.*Large-ProfitThank you for another payment on time great program, please keep up your good work
9:03U329??08 182.53.169.* Too IncomeGot paid again, thank you. 10/21/2011 07:55 74285792 U2183773 ( $45.00
8:45U779??01203.144.144.*Too IncomeWithdrawal request completed successfuly! Date: 10/21/2011 8:03 AM Batch: 74286515 From Account: U2183773 ( Amount: $24.00 Memo: Withdraw to from
8:37U892??32223.205.191.*Too IncomeI like it! Thanks a lot! Date: 10/21/2011 7:19 AM Batch: 74282825 From Account: U2183773 ( Amount: $20.00 Memo: Withdraw to pink from
8:30U242??72223.206.154.*Too IncomePaying payment received 10/21/2011 07:50 74285286 U2183773 ( $12.00
4:22 U013??80 116.71.18.* PokerReserveThis is a scam side,not paying. becareful my friends, dont invest this side. i had request withdraw for 4 days, there is no result until
2:44U580??4482.105.125.*BestMyFinancegot paid,tks. Date : 2011-20-10 19:54:41 From/To Account : U0961478 (BestMyFinance) Amount : 37.35 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 74245071 Memo : Withdraw to trace from
2:40U032??05213.10.236.*BestMyFinanceDate : 2011-20-10 14:58:47 From/To Account : U0961478 (BestMyFinance) Amount : 55.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 74216920 Memo : Withdraw to bryant from thanks admin.
2:39U739??29 178.18.247.* BestMyFinancePaying 10/20/2011 20:20 74246855 U0961478 (BestMyFinance) $18.75 Merchant Reference: Memo: Withdraw to gwltxj1110 from
2:37U253??1381.93.77.*BestMyFinanceDate: 2011-20-10 16:56:10 Batch: 74229642 From Account: U0961478 Amount: $7.75 Memo: Withdraw to mmgltxj from Thank you.
2:37U751??77190.186.147.*PreMoneyreceived my payment on time,thanks! Date: 2011-20-10 04:51:18 Batch: 74158907 From Account: U7404785 Amount: $1200.00 Memo: Withdraw to twins from PreMoney
2:28U776??51113.108.133.*BestMyFinanceanother payout received by the honest admin.I hope the admin will keep on the good work.thanks.