Vote Information for Saturday 27 January 2007


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22:36326??4587.248.165.*Charge Investpaid
22:31326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
20:17390??05 213.136.116.* Global Trader Plus
19:48321??64 193.108.170.* Fund of Growth
19:15 397??20 84.141.223.* Hourly-IncomeVery good programm. paid me!
19:07400??9380.227.0.*MKClubReceived my payment! Thank you Admin!
18:35250??69219.93.88.*SourceProfitPaying me again honestly . Thanks Admin
18:26366??7085.114.248.*Hourly-Incomethey don't pay
18:23347??66220.98.116.*Apple-InvestNot paid !!!
17:34 394??48 60.51.66.* SourceProfitBest investment & Fast Withdraw!! Thanks Source Profit
16:51260??7766.30.212.*500 Forex ClubPaid w/o problems.
16:50260??7766.30.212.*FiberProfitVery-very good. I really like it !
16:39260??6981.172.5.*500 Forex ClubIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
16:38260??6981.172.5.*FiberProfitNice HYIp
16:24272??5967.186.144.*500 Forex Clubkeep up the good work!
16:24272??5967.186.144.*FiberProfitPays without problems
16:17272??3968.74.81.*500 Forex ClubPaid everyday, directly into my e-gold account.
16:16272??3968.74.81.*FiberProfitThe best program! I'm in profit!
16:12260??1988.234.154.*500 Forex ClubPaying on time and great e-mail support.
16:12260??1988.234.154.*FiberProfitVERY GOOD
16:08339??7074.57.67.*500 Forex ClubExsellent! Paid! super program!
16:08339??7074.57.67.*FiberProfitThis Hyip is very good. Paid,Paid,Paid
15:57314??6587.162.244.*500 Forex ClubGot my withdrawal
15:57314??6587.162.244.*FiberProfitGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
15:53314??7381.84.134.*FiberProfitNise hyip. Paid!
15:52314??7381.84.134.*500 Forex ClubThanks for paid!
15:50314??7381.84.134.*FX Golden UnionPaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
15:49271??4088.229.230.*FiberProfitExcellent program !
15:48271??4088.229.230.*500 Forex Clubalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
15:47271??4088.229.230.*FX Golden UnionAll right. The best invest program
15:46360??45220.101.158.*FiberProfitgot paid again
15:45360??45220.101.158.*500 Forex Clubreceived the second payment. very good and stable program
15:45360??45220.101.158.*FX Golden UnionI got paid today. Thanks admin.
15:43384??77200.88.125.*ArowHyippaid out again.
15:42348??9780.130.197.*FiberProfitPayment received, very good :-)
15:42348??9780.130.197.*500 Forex ClubPayment received, very good :-)
15:39348??9780.130.197.*FX Golden UnionPayment received, very good :-)
15:37280??1576.18.98.*FiberProfitgot paid just in time, very good program.
15:37280??1576.18.98.*500 Forex Clubgot paid just in time, very good program.
15:36280??1576.18.98.*FX Golden Uniongot paid just in time, very good program.
15:34384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipPaid out again.
15:21297??53 151.42.216.* Capital-Info-OnlinePaid in few time !!! Good program, and honest ADMIN !!!
15:09339??46201.40.143.*500 Forex ClubPaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
15:09339??46201.40.143.*FX Golden UnionGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
15:08339??46201.40.143.*FiberProfitvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
15:05375??4485.103.36.*500 Forex ClubPAID AGAIN!
15:05375??4485.103.36.*FX Golden UnionGreat invest program
15:04375??4485.103.36.*FiberProfitYou are the best
15:00360??63216.220.72.*500 Forex ClubThank you Admin!!
14:59360??63216.220.72.*FX Golden UnionVery stable ...
14:59360??63216.220.72.*FiberProfitPaying... Best wishes
14:54335??4681.215.207.*500 Forex ClubVery Stable and Professional
14:54390??51 77.123.2.* BizHYIPnot payd at all! withdraw section is not work!!! SCAM
14:54335??4681.215.207.*FX Golden UnionNo problems with payouts. Thanks
14:53335??4681.215.207.*FiberProfitPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
14:52335??4681.215.207.*BestInvest2007Paid every day. Nice.
14:48296??6288.241.152.*500 Forex ClubReceived your paiment
14:47296??6288.241.152.*FX Golden UnionGood program! Great support!
14:46296??6288.241.152.*FiberProfitVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
14:44296??6288.241.152.*BestInvest2007:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
14:39326??10196.217.124.*500 Forex ClubA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
14:39326??10196.217.124.*FX Golden UnionA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
14:38326??10196.217.124.*FiberProfitA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
14:37326??10196.217.124.*BestInvest2007A very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
14:37382??18195.5.51.*FlashReturnExcellent! I like this program!
14:36382??18195.5.51.*UnitradeExcellent! Paid me! I'll reinvest!
14:34382??18195.5.51.*Apple-InvestExcellent! Paid me! I'll reinvest!
14:33260??5481.215.68.*500 Forex ClubStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
14:32382??18195.5.51.*Charge InvestExcellent! I like this program!
14:32260??5481.215.68.*FX Golden UnionWhat a great project!
14:32260??5481.215.68.*FiberProfitExcellent program! Never misses payment.
14:31260??5481.215.68.*BestInvest2007Great invest program
14:27348??10210.20.47.*500 Forex ClubPaying on time and great e-mail support.
14:26348??10210.20.47.*FX Golden UnionPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
14:26348??10210.20.47.*FiberProfitThanks for good program.
14:24370??64213.141.159.*Invest-Forex-TradingWell done site! Paid in time, thanks.
14:23348??10210.20.47.*BestInvest2007My favourite invest program
14:14272??5283.135.170.*500 Forex Clubpaid today again...
14:13272??5283.135.170.*FX Golden UnionCOOL !!!
14:13272??52 76.175.135.* BestInvest2007got paid
14:09272??5283.135.170.*FiberProfitPaid Good!!!
14:06280??5488.240.220.*500 Forex Clubrealy paid !!!
14:05280??5488.240.220.*FX Golden Unionvery good and fast. Thanks
14:04280??5488.240.220.*FiberProfitpaid on all spends
14:04280??5488.240.220.*BestInvest2007Best! best..
14:01272??9712.207.153.*500 Forex Clubpaid, thanks. Good program!
14:00272??9712.207.153.*FX Golden Unionalways paid, today too
14:00272??9712.207.153.*FiberProfitVery good program
13:59272??9712.207.153.*BestInvest2007S U P E R : Paid and Paid
13:53271??4261.64.208.*500 Forex Clubgreat program, good paid!
13:53271??4261.64.208.*FX Golden UnionThanks Admin ...Paid!
13:52271??4261.64.208.*FiberProfitMy first withdrawal received!
13:21357??54212.138.64.*ArowHyipSpend $1000,pay daily and daily,great program.
13:14357??54212.138.64.*NodHyipSpend $4500,pay daily and daily,great program.
11:32246??58194.145.216.*Charge InvestPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
11:30246??58194.145.216.*Apple-InvestPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
11:23246??58194.145.216.*UnitradePayments regular! I like to work with this program!
11:21246??58194.145.216.*FlashReturnPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
11:17246??58194.145.216.*LifeDollarsPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
11:15246??58194.145.216.*OIL FundPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
11:11246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
10:13135??42217.77.221.*Charge InvestGot paid on time!
10:11135??42217.77.221.*Apple-InvestGot paid on time!
10:10135??42217.77.221.*UnitradeGot paid on time!
10:09135??42217.77.221.*LifeDollarsGot paid on time!
10:08135??42217.77.221.*OIL FundGot paid on time!
10:06135??42217.77.221.*FRXCIGot paid on time!
9:47386??57 125.160.66.* Denon-Prioryhave my younger son;daughter [is] invest in insignificant amount, withdrawnya await just half day have been paid( today ), until I cancel non-stoped several times,, have me from yesterday not yet been accepted [by] withdrawnya. why.?
9:20377??75 67.190.224.* Europe Trade LtdGood support! Paid on time, thanks!
8:50304??6382.115.92.*High-Investscam,scam scam
8:45304??6382.115.92.*BusinessFundHyipskam 26 jan2007
6:57272??39 70.181.254.* Diamond YearMy favorit HYIP
6:53260??19 85.140.82.* Diamond YearGood hyip...paid!
5:45229??15165.228.132.*ArowHyipPaid me today and rated.
5:39229??15165.228.132.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today,
4:30382??52125.160.65.*Denon-Priorydenon [is] best hyip, although its payment await until 2 day. thank you.