Vote Information for Friday 26 January 2007


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0:38278??6580.227.0.*Europe Trade LtdPaid! good admin!! Fast Support! Really the first!!
0:33376??23125.160.65.*Denon-Prioryawait until 48 clock after asking for intake ( withdraw)
22:32 399??43 24.7.253.* Sky Biz Hyipprogram is one of 15 programs from same organization, others include e-gold fortune, fund magnet, worldling hyip, e-goldway,closeup hyip, diploma hyip, junior investment, sherry hyip, skybiz hyip, forty niner hyip, fundz solution, novel profits, etc.
21:30336??9041.204.243.*MKClubPaid!!! Good project! PAid
21:26401??41211.239.84.*MKClubStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
21:24209??52 222.142.152.* Denon-Priorynot pay the money!!!
21:21146??53196.29.212.*MKClubMKClub always pays without delay. It is a great program!
21:05326??4587.248.165.*Charge Investpaid
21:01326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
20:40199??75212.166.64.*MKClubNo problems with this program, getting payments on time !
20:10395??84212.138.64.*MKClubThis programm always paid!Its a serious investment project with exellent group of admins!.Thanks!
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20:01362??40193.151.57.*Fund 4 UsExcellent!!!
20:00366??92 58.251.108.* Golden DividendsMy referal bonus from wss669 15% from $100 till now I not yet accept while to see bonus can't page[by] him
19:59362??40193.151.57.*Charge InvestExcellent!!!
19:48362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent!!!
19:27390??7968.202.77.*SourceProfitThis is the best investment our company ever made! I have never seen payouts to e-gold so fast!
19:01398??10221.128.125.*MKClubexcellent program thanks &keep up the good work.
18:52347??2960.186.51.*Unitradepaid on time!thanks!
18:29381??8460.250.136.*Lomex Fund Inc.Always on time! I recomend this site !! Invest with Lomex
18:08290??99 201.29.172.* SAS FinancePaid 3/6...Thanks Adm...reinvested.
17:59400??9380.227.0.*MKClubadmin paid me $15 again, thank you very much!
17:37281??06 125.160.203.* InstantlyProfitsGot 1st payment of $14.5 instantly for 2-day plan. Good program. Thanks Admin. Reinvested to see consistency. Rgds, funbreak
17:18270??6383.237.230.*FiberProfitPayment received.
17:07270??6383.237.230.*500 Forex ClubVery-very good HYIP!
17:06270??6383.237.230.*FX Golden UnionExcellent!!!
17:05270??6383.237.230.*FinInvest Corp.Great invest program!
17:05270??6383.237.230.*BestInvest2007Very-very good program.
17:01391??0172.232.94.*InstantlyProfitspaid me and reinvest tnx
16:58375??11 222.124.65.* ltj-Investergo out from top hyio100 because scam no paid
16:45229??1280.227.0.*ArowHyipToday,paid 14/40,good
16:44229??1280.227.0.*NodHyipToday,paid 34/200,good program.
15:59385??77202.128.21.*InstantlyProfitsThis Site is NOT Paying anything except to HYIP monitors to deceive you! Never response from Admin! Don't Invest,! Another Super Scam!
15:54267??07 84.192.119.* InstantlyProfitsI got paid again and reinvest thank you admin
15:46 395??64 202.159.126.*SourceProfiti luv u sourceprofit..thanks
14:34 395??03 125.162.210.* GoInvestmentClubSCAM!! Please don't invest here.
13:49374??8460.48.58.*Europe Trade LtdThanks ET....You paying again and again...Great Job!!!!
13:43374??8460.48.58.*FX Golden UnionStill waiting for payment........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:36374??8460.48.58.*Worth LifeThanks admin....You Paying Again...Great Job!!!!
13:33278??5360.48.58.*ePann IncThanks admin....You Paying Again...Great Job!!!!
13:29278??5360.48.58.*ArowHyipThanks admin....You Paying Again...Great Job!!!!
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13:15374??8460.48.58.*SupfundThanks admin....You Paying Again...Great Job!!!!
12:38384??77200.88.125.*ArowHyippaid out again.
12:35384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipPaid out again.
12:21 247??51 72.215.12.* Lomex Fund Inc.8 withdrawals made instantly to Egold (Jan19 thru Jan26)
11:29 330??02 80.95.32.* Apple-InvestNot paid me!!! Scam!!!
11:20367??6666.199.184.*Time HYIPPaying all the time !
11:03400??0185.185.85.*BizHYIPGood site, well done!
10:54357??54212.138.64.*ArowHyipSpend $1000,pay daily and daily,great program.
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7:25387??3660.51.136.*TrustEarnAdmin,you overlooked my withdrawal. Please action. Username mario/2154.....
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6:51270??63213.135.138.*Europe Trade LtdEurope Trade paid me again. Best of program.
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5:36390??15209.190.23.*EarnProfitPaid Automatic Thanks Admin
5:20367??64208.254.22.*Earn-FastPaid instant on test spend...
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5:00229??15165.228.131.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today,
4:25288??00 218.208.230.* Instant2ProWatch Out-Non-Payment without e-gold batch-Xplorer