Vote Information for Wednesday 14 September 2011


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23:34U726??5460.241.128.*PreMoneyInstant payment always Thanks! Date : 2011-14-09 19:19:46 Batch: 70518156 From Account: U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount: $198.02 Memo: Withdraw to Christinadavid from PreMoney Limited Thank you.
21:17U814??4327.130.85.*Compact FundPayment received! 09/14/2011 19:31 70512712 U7285324 (CompactFund) $11.50
20:51U814??4327.130.85.*After 60 DaysDate : 2011-14-09 17:11:54 From/To Account : U5389232 (After60Days) Amount : 1.3100 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 70501484 Memo : Withdraw to from
20:30U722??49101.51.178.*Compact FundPaid AP 9/14/2011 Transfer Received From Reece Hudson Completed $10.00 USD
20:11U814??4327.130.85.*Decent EarningThanks for the honest payment. 09/14/2011 19:16 70511742 U0833312 (Decent Earning) $23.50
20:06U722??49101.51.178.*After 60 DaysDate: 2011-09-14 15:09 Batch: 70489301 From Account: U5389232 (After60Days) Amount: $11.25 Memo: Withdraw to from Thanks admin!
20:01U242??72223.205.60.*RichesBank$10.00 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U809****. Transaction batch is 70508101. RichesBank
19:48U722??49101.51.178.*Decent EarningWe have received payment,thanks admin!! 9/14/2011 Transfer Received From Robert Quinn Completed $20.00 USD
19:31U722??49101.51.178.*RichesBankNext fast payment received again Date: 2011-14-09 17:52:21 Batch: 70505226 From Account: U1601011 Amount: $40.75
19:16U814??4327.130.85.*RichesBankDate: 2011-09-14 15:20 Batch: 70490520 From Account: U1601011 (RichesBank) Amount: $26.50 Memo: Withdraw to from RichesBank Thanks admin!
17:53U776??51112.90.147.*PreMoneyget paid payment without any problem.Thanks admin. Date:09/14/2011 08:41 Batch: 70449845 From Account:U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount: $128.40 Memo: Withdrawal to tim20KV from PreMoney Limited
16:20U857??38 173.254.192.* RXN InvestmentsSuper, paying program !
16:18U911??7282.160.29.*RXN InvestmentsGot paid again !
15:10U996??83223.205.26.*Compact FundFast payment received 09/14/2011 09:22 70453112 U7285324 (CompactFund) $12.00
15:05U996??83223.205.26.*Get Profits EaslyGreat hyip Admin paid me very quickly. This is a good time for invest again.
14:36U141??9531.193.15.*PreMoneyLiberty Reserve Payment Received instantly Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 70430030 Date : 2011-14-09 03:55:53 From/To Account : U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount : 56.08 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 70430030 Thank you Admin!
14:02U560??19216.107.206.*HyperCompoundPaying 09/14/2011 04:51 70432798 U1340462 (H yper Compou...) $2.48 Merchant Reference: 6781039 Memo: withdraw request,
13:51U904??50202.181.178.*HyperCompoundGot paid quickly and correctly as always from the site today, thank admin!
13:41U821??61 121.78.229.* HyperCompoundDate: 2011-13-09 13:15:26 Batch: 70369862 From Account: U1340462 Amount: $9.50 Memo: withdraw request,
13:20U746??89 173.245.71.* HyperCompoundThe amount of 6.6 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 02:40 14.09.11. Batch: 6214473. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request,
13:03U451??8965.13.64.*HyperCompoundThis program and Admin are very impressive honest,i got paid today fast as promised.
12:59U410??84 178.18.244.* DoubleUSDThe following payment $1200 is received. Thanks, Admin!
12:47U838??04 126.19.87.* DoubleUSDHello admin today i have completed the second step tht is i have invested $591 and today i have got my intial investment and profit has allready withdrewd, excleent! Keep up the good work GVF! May god Bless U!
12:33U740??3894.100.24.*DoubleUSDExcellent program! Never misses payment.
12:21U654??6174.3.163.*DoubleUSDNice program with more profitable plan,I earned more than $635 here.:)
12:09U868??43 178.33.86.* DoubleUSDreceived 16.65$ payment in my lr accpunt.Thanks
11:55U865??28114.200.199.*PreMoneypaying !!! Date: 2011-14-09 10:06:12 From/To Account : U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount : 150.75 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 70457043 Memo : Withdraw to Marissa from PreMoney Limited Thanks admin
11:55U999??14184.95.41.*DoubleUSDI got payment! Great program
11:43U044??68114.200.199.*PreMoneypaying !!! Date: 2011-14-09 10:06:12 From/To Account : U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount : 150.75 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 70457043 Memo : Withdraw to Marissa from PreMoney Limited Thanks admin
10:49U242??72223.205.60.*Compact FundPaying payment received 09/14/2011 08:47 70450425 U7285324 (CompactFund) $22.00
10:41U190??9087.246.16.*SuperHotPayPayment is received in time. Administration thanks
10:32U190??9087.246.16.*Large-ProfitI like you. Fast payments.
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10:09U883??24203.144.144.*Compact FundOne of the best programs Date: 9/14/2011 8:46 AM Batch: 70450324 From Account: U7285324 Amount: $14.00 Memo: Withdraw from Compact Fund
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9:41U779??01183.89.164.*WorldWideProfitPaying program without problem I strongly recommend this program to invest.
9:24U874??94124.122.124.*Compact FundPaid 09/14/2011 08:43 70449984 U7285324 (CompactFund) $10.50
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9:19U263??0178.84.224.*SuperHotPayI have got the payment again,GOOD LUCK FOR ALL
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9:04U263??0191.211.69.*Large-Profitthe is to be trust in you are very superb
9:02U874??94124.122.124.*WorldWideProfitThe amount of 0.2 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 04:10 14.09.11. Batch: 6214625.
8:56U883??24203.144.144.*WorldWideProfitI have received money from this program! thank you admin.
8:45U363??5491.211.69.*SuperHotPayAfter a couple of investments I didn't find any bugs in this program, it works stably now
8:43U315??90125.27.245.*WorldWideProfitFirst fast payment received: Date: 2011-09-14 01:36:46 Batch: 70423398 From Account: U2490365 (WorldWideProfit) Amount: $5.9
8:38U363??5491.211.69.*Stock-BizLike others I got paid,once again thank you! hope to see you more! keep it up!
8:33U363??5491.211.69.*Large-Profitthe is to be trust in you are very superb
8:21U319??16158.108.238.*WorldWideProfitThe first payment received from WorldWideProfit by schedule : Date: 2011-09-14 01:54 Batch: 70424083 From Account: U2490365 (WorldWideProfit) Amount: $4.59 Memo: Withdraw to darklumina from
8:12U883??24203.144.144.*Get Profits EaslyReceived payment again Thank you very much,admin.
8:04U471??44 110.5.70.* PrimfixPaid out my 15th investment here... 09/13/2011 17:40 7039xxxx U2516475 (Primfix Limited) $21.00
7:58U315??90125.27.245.*Get Profits EaslyAsk for withdrawal: Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 70442758 09/14/2011 07:27 70442758 U0031542 (Get Profits ...) $4.50
7:38U889??41194.224.76.*PreMoneyPayment received instant, Thank you admin: Date : 2011-14-09 04:36:03 From/To Account : U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount : 120.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 70432063 Memo : Withdraw to sally from PreMoney Limited
5:20U753??07175.45.61.*PreMoneyGot instant payment from this site 09/14/2011 02:27 70425369 U7404785 (PreMoney) $41.40 Thank you admin.
2:34U830??82 221.141.3.* PreMoneyPayment on time to me: Date: 2011-13-09 22:03:09 Batch: 70415128 From Account: U7404785 Amount: $48.50 Memo: Withdraw to zero776 from PreMoney Limited Thanks!
0:36U886??65218.152.117.*PreMoneyPaid instantly! Date : 2011-13-09 23:54:22 Batch: 70419440 From Account: U7404785 (PreMoney) Amount: $191.25 Memo: Withdraw to Julian from PreMoney Limited Thank you!