Vote Information for Saturday 27 August 2011


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15:24U874??94 124.121.254.* Decent EarningPaid 08/27/2011 11:29 69022101 U0833312 (Decent Earning) $21.00
12:39U814??43 183.89.16.* Compact FundPayment received! 08/27/2011 11:31 69022173 U7285324 (CompactFund) $25.50
11:54U263??01188.163.98.*LargeEarningI can say up to now they are paying me ..
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11:31U242??7249.49.101.*Decent EarningPayment received again! 08/27/2011 04:57 69003426 U0833312 (Decent Earning) $20.50
11:29U315??90182.53.235.*Decent EarningNext daily payment received: Date: 8/27/2011 5:35 AM Batch: 69004928 From Account: U0833312 Amount: $10.00 Memo: Withdraw to kekie from Decent Earning
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10:17U873??8581.88.52.*HyperCompoundWithdrawal request has been processed, batch: 6094040 Date : 08/27/2011 06:19 From/To Account : U2126581 Amount : 2.06 Currency : USD Batch : 6094040 Memo : Received Payment 2.06 USD from account U2126581.
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9:01U551??6561.220.50.*HyperCompoundAug 26th, 2011 $1.70 The amount of 1.7 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 06:21 26.08.11. Batch: 6087866. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request,
8:54U363??5478.96.149.*SecureEarnpaid as usual for the eight times
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8:26U363??5478.96.149.*Stock-BizReceived my first payment in ten minutes. Thanks. Deposit more.
8:25U872??29 178.33.85.* HyperCompoundnext payment received instantly as usual The amount of 1.73 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 14:11 26.08.11. Batch: 6089998. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request, thank you,admin!
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4:57U315??90182.53.235.*Compact FundPayment received again! very good site Date: 8/27/2011 3:19 AM Batch: 68999741 From Account: U7285324 Amount: $10.50 Memo: Withdraw to kekie from Compact Fund
4:38U996??83 223.204.7.* Compact FundFast payment received 08/27/2011 03:52 69000802 U7285324 (CompactFund) $12.00
3:53U315??90182.53.235.*After 60 DaysHyip good for me. Plan a good investment. Paid profit to me quick.
3:48U925??58 87.244.130.* Green RevolutionsDate : 2011-25-08 20:12:07 From/To Account : U5247198 (GreenRevolutions) Amount : 15.75 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 68894373 Memo : Withdraw to iggy from
3:39U814??4327.130.100.*After 60 DaysNext payment and ref coms received again 08/26/2011 18:12 68978207 U5389232 (After60Days) $8.49
2:29 U987??32 223.255.227.* Growth Moneypending withdraw since 26 agst, for U9874732