Vote Information for Friday 26 August 2011


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22:04U284??00 184.191.224.* Finance Saving FundIt's a rather reliable program. I'm satisfied with their services.
22:03U006??06 71.228.55.* Finance Saving FundNever experiencing any problems. Great!
22:02U992??35 207.50.145.* Finance Saving FundGood hyip..paid and paid again.
22:00U989??78 68.0.93.* Finance Saving FundGood project. I am happy ;)))
21:59U002??89 71.74.134.* Finance Saving FundIn profit! They pay me on a regular basis!
21:58U150??39 174.124.122.* Finance Saving FundExcellent company with excellent profits!
21:57U768??80 76.172.28.* Finance Saving FundBeen paid again! Brilliant job from the admin! Thanx!
21:56U390??30 67.11.77.* Finance Saving FundGot my initial! In profit now. Excellent work!
21:55U402??98 24.190.106.* Finance Saving FundI successfully withdrew all my earnings. Thank you!
21:54U489??77 99.156.46.* Finance Saving FundNew Paid received today!I hope this one can last long.
21:53U911??07 74.197.74.* Finance Saving FundJust got paid here again,thank admin.
21:52U511??61 68.47.175.* Finance Saving FundPaid me quickly every time and never miss payment.
21:51U420??17 70.15.35.* Finance Saving FundGreat admin. always never miss a payment.
21:45U771??95 97.125.185.* Finance Saving FundExcellent performance in paying among hyips so far.
21:43U093??02 70.225.69.* Finance Saving FundI have forgotten all my money problems since deposited here.!!
21:42U661??14 75.89.212.* Finance Saving FundI got money already to my LR account today.
21:41U547??72 24.241.54.* Finance Saving FundPaid to me some referral commission today.
21:40U312??24 71.99.91.* Finance Saving FundThanks admin very much again.I have been paid again and again.
21:39U084??96 74.96.54.* Finance Saving FundThe best hyip site.runs steadily and smoothly.
21:38U769??69 69.249.163.* Finance Saving FundPayout request has been processed.
21:37U681??72 63.227.112.* Finance Saving Fundget paid as other guys who deposited and been paid with this project.
21:36U534??99 99.11.157.* Finance Saving FundNice payment received.Thanks admin a lot.
21:35U151??04 75.83.221.* Finance Saving FundVery stable hyip since start, possibly the best among Long Term.
21:33U797??77 97.117.234.* Finance Saving FundThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
21:32U147??8724.205.241.*Finance Saving FundExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program
21:24U242??72223.205.179.*After 60 DaysNext daily payment received: 08/26/2011 18:11 68978169 U5389232 (After60Days) $11.15
19:34U779??01 124.120.122.* After 60 DaysPaying Received Payment 4.05 USD from account U1368659 to account U1825364. Batch: 6089732.
19:13U242??72223.205.179.*Compact FundPaying payment received 08/26/2011 18:47 68980438 U7285324 (CompactFund) $5.00
18:48U722??49125.25.97.*Compact FundPaid AP 8/26/2011 Transfer Received From Camille Riquier Completed $10.00 USD
18:02U814??4327.130.100.*Compact FundPayment received! 08/26/2011 17:54 68976755 U7285324 (CompactFund) $20.50
15:11U430??2777.122.181.*LargeEarningYour fast paying and honesty always amaze me.
15:04U430??2777.122.181.*SecureEarnpay!pay!pay! in term of attending to customer.
14:55U242??72223.205.179.*Decent EarningPayment received again! 08/26/2011 14:14 68956257 U0833312 (Decent Earning) $10.50
14:39U430??27 213.65.206.* Hot-InvestingTo say the fact your are the best.
14:14U996??83 223.204.242.* Decent EarningFast payment received 08/26/2011 12:37 68947229 U0833312 (Decent Earning) $15.00
13:57U228??73178.168.15.*LargeEarningI received my payout on time.I think the program is reliable.i recommend it.
13:49U228??73178.168.15.*SecureEarnVote surprising
13:40U228??73178.168.15.*Hot-Investingnever miss payments, invest again
13:30U228??73178.168.15.*Stock-BizPaying well so far. I hope that they will be online for long time!
13:15U219??4046.33.227.*LargeEarningThanks for all good things that this company has done to me!
13:04U703??3346.33.227.*SecureEarnYou serve me with honesty, God shall be with you always
12:53U219??4046.33.227.*Hot-Investinga friendly line keep it up
12:46U219??4046.33.227.*Stock-Bizyou will be never worry after seeing this excellent site.
12:37U814??4327.130.100.*Decent EarningThanks for the honest payment. 08/26/2011 12:12 68945121 U0833312 (Decent Earning) $8.00
12:35U751??77 218.20.6.* HyperCompoundThis project never missed a payment, i am very glad joined and deposited the site.
12:18U640??09 218.222.20.* HyperCompoundThe amount of 6 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Date: 06:44 26.08.11. Batch: 6087931. Memo: API Payment. withdraw request,
12:17U703??3385.86.230.*LargeEarningThis program have sent me 2 payments in a row without any problems.
12:12U883??24203.144.144.*Decent EarningWell done, 08/26/2011 11:17 68940730 U0833312 (Decent Earning) $22.00
12:00U703??3385.86.230.*Hot-InvestingI received my payment $325 after my investing!Now I can say I belive in the power of hyips!!thanks once more!!!
11:57U889??41 31.193.7.* HyperCompoundDate : 08/26/2011 08:56 From/To Account : U2126581 Amount : 1.62 Currency : USD Batch : 6088363 Memo : API Payment. withdraw request, Payment ID : 3665661
11:51U703??3385.86.230.*Stock-BizGot paid earlier today! Thanks admin!
11:25U722??49 125.24.84.* Decent EarningWe have received payment,thanks admin!! 8/26/2011 Transfer Received From Robert Quinn Completed $20.00 USD
11:21U702??34 93.75.40.* LargeEarningpaid quickly,doesn't stop.Recommend to all!!!!
11:17U883??24203.144.144.*After 60 DaysThank you admin, I received my payment today.I'm glad to work with you.
11:15U830??82 216.66.10.* HyperCompoundPaid always on time,thank admin! i'm happy and satisfied with their service!
10:52U702??3493.16.171.*SecureEarnHONESTY PROGRAM IT PAID FIRST
10:42U702??3493.16.171.*Hot-Investingyou are paying on time
10:33U702??3493.16.171.*Stock-BizThanks admin,paid me again,really good program!
9:44U773??30 184.82.205.* HyperCompoundNext instant ref coms payment received again 08/25/2011 11:51 68851889 U1340462 (Hyper Compou...) $24.73 08/25/2011 00:17 68809825 U1340462 (Hyper Compou...) $4.64 Thanks Admin
9:34U996??83223.206.59.*After 60 DaysPayment is instantly as usual. Really GOOD! Thanks Admin.
9:05U883??24 124.120.96.* Compact FundPlease keep going this good working 08/26/2011 08:40 68929238 U7285324 (CompactFund) $15.00
6:38 U949??50 110.138.192.* Growth Moneypending withdraw $41.00 since 23 agst, for U9496350
0:46U181??82126.15.5.*HyperCompoundNext instant payment received: Withdrawal request has been processed, batch: 6084052.thank you admin.
0:45U181??82126.15.5.*Safe & Bestreceived a payment. Date: 2011-25-08 20:02:13 Batch: 68893748 From Account: U0871845 Amount: $21.20 Memo: Withdraw to tornado5214 from
0:38U580??44178.238.131.*HyperCompound08/25/2011 00:13 68809697 U1340462 (Hyper Compou...) $10.00 Paying!
0:37U580??44178.238.131.*Safe & BestDate : 2011-25-08 19:20:19 From/To Account : U0871845 ( Amount : 106.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 68890750 Memo : Withdraw to tim20KV from thanks admin.
0:35U032??05 46.37.185.* Safe & BestMy 1st payment Received Instantly, Date: 2011-08-25 09:47 Batch: 68840933 From Account: U0871845 ( Amount: $21.20 Memo: Withdraw to dywane from Thank you, admin!
0:33U439??2964.78.165.*Safe & BestReceive my payment today. Date: 2011-08-25 11:03 Batch: 68847943 From Account: U0871845 ( Amount: $10.60 Memo: Withdraw to wade_D from Thanks admin
0:16U776??51 112.96.129.* Safe & Bestget the nice payment again.Really good site.thanks admin.