Vote Information for Wednesday 10 August 2011


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21:23U263??01 217.216.64.* LibertyHoardReceived profits as promissed.I am so happy with this program!
21:08U122??45 95.69.205.* LibertyHoard$60.00 referral commission received into LR.honest amdin,thanks!
20:28U266??37 178.140.170.* LibertyHoardNew payment received,stable Program, paid on time!
20:23U242??72 65.49.14.* Endangered AnimalEA - Withdrawal has been sent Date: 2011-10-08 19:47:38 Batch: 67609209 From Account: U8185023 Amount: $10.00 Memo: Withdraw to kissjj from
18:49 U260??19 212.95.54.* Powerful Strategy$112.60 received instantly, batch: 67602849
18:33 U068??60 93.137.158.* Endangered AnimalI have a pending withdrawal for more then 24 hours, it's start to be a scam?
18:07U459??85 113.53.127.* Compact FundNext daily payment received: 08/10/2011 10:42 67558817 U7285324 (CompactFund) $9.50
17:50U242??7249.49.97.*Compact FundPaid payment received 08/10/2011 11:14 67561716 U7285324 (CompactFund) $10.50
17:50U814??43183.89.187.*Compact FundPayment received! 08/10/2011 09:55 67554764 U7285324 (CompactFund) $12.50
16:24U940??64 109.86.92.* LibertyHoardvery stable and reliable great program !paid me 110$ today,nice program!!!
15:54U580??44 93.186.164.* Brand DailyPayment received, Thank you admin: Date : 2011-10-08 09:47:50 From/To Account : U5894332 (BrandDaily) Amount : 10.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 67554145 Memo : Withdraw to dywane from
15:53U363??54 84.52.59.* LibertyHoardPaing me,Thanks admin !!!Very very Good!Always paing!I'll reinvest!
15:49U739??29109.230.246.*Brand DailyDate : 2011-10-08 13:23:23 From/To Account : U5894332 (BrandDaily) Amount : 12.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 67573532 Memo : Withdraw to wade_D from
15:42U253??13 112.96.65.* Brand Dailyget my profits as usual.without any problem.thanks admin a lot
15:23U430??2746.102.61.*SecureEarnINVESTED AND GOT $120 IN 24 HOURS,SUPER GOOD PROGRAMS
15:19U430??2746.102.61.*Hot-InvestingIt's really a steady program!!
15:11U430??2746.102.61.*LibertyHoardHyip is unique and really honest and pays on time.
15:10U751??77216.218.131.*Pro Fx CashNext instant payment received again today. 08/10/2011 02:23 67528195 U1302719 (Pro Fx Cash) $26.50 Thanks Admin
15:08U007??84216.218.131.*Growth MoneyDate : 2011-10-08 05:49:52 From/To Account : U0474536 (Growth Money) Amount : 1.0000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 67536986 Memo : Withdraw to althea from
15:04U007??84 173.245.71.* Winteresti got paid today Date : 2011-10-08 05:49:52 From/To Account : U0926674 (WinTerest) Amount : 5850.0000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 67536987 Memo : Withdraw to jialiu from
14:52U228??7387.121.89.*SecureEarnThis is a wonderful place to invest. Im glad I found you guys.
14:44U228??7387.121.89.*Hot-InvestingAdmin are very impressive,got paid on time!
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14:06U746??8958.72.59.*Brand DailyDate: August 09, 2011 2:56:42 PM Amount Sent: $24.00 USD Sender Name: Brand daily Sender Email: Reference Number: 859A4-D355D-40739
14:03U219??4077.123.63.*SecureEarnThis one is a moneymachine for me.
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13:54U219??4077.123.63.*Hot-InvestingMoney , money , money sweeter than honey.Receive my payment.
13:51U996??8349.49.140.*Stash MoneyYou have received a payment to your account 08/10/2011 08:36 67547862 U5873245 ( $30.50
13:43U315??90125.27.245.*Endangered AnimalPerfect working. Paid every day on time. I am invest here more. Thank you.
13:30U996??8349.49.140.*Endangered AnimalI made successful investment and now I'm receiving stable procentage Super.
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13:09U703??3394.24.158.*SecureEarnwell! I received my profit completely!!.
12:53U703??3394.24.158.*Hot-InvestingOK Very good program, good site for invest , good payment !!!!!!!!!
12:41U703??3385.92.250.*LibertyHoardI received my payment today.
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12:02 U823??95 125.166.235.* Mac Earnwithdraw lancar...mantabs gan !!!
12:00U242??7249.49.97.*Stash MoneyFantastic project,secure to invest in.
11:25U883??24 183.89.181.* Stash MoneyPay me on time so good ...honest admin Thanks!
11:22U814??43183.89.187.*Stash Money08/10/2011 09:14 67550909 U5873245 ( $21.20 Thanks. Admin
11:16U451??89122.155.5.*Brand DailyThis is a realistic program for anyone looking for to invest! paid to me still very well.
11:13U722??49180.210.216.*Stash MoneyFast payment received again Date: 8/10/2011 9:15 AM Batch: 67551078 From Account: U5873245 ( Amount: $13.00 Memo: Withdraw from
11:02U889??41122.155.5.*Pro Fx Cashpayment received: Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 67461305 Date: 2011-08-09 10:24:19 Batch: 67461305 From Account: U1302719 (Pro Fx Cash) Amount: $3 Memo: Withdraw from
10:59U404??15122.155.5.*Growth MoneyAlways get paid instantly : Date: 2011-08-09 15:09:13 Batch: 67488137 From Account: U0474536 (Growth Money) Amount: $52.50 Memo: Withdraw to jacklly from
10:57U404??15122.155.5.*WinterestNext Payment Received. Date: 2011-08-10 09:01:36 Batch: 67469862 From Account: U0926674 (WinTerest) Amount: $5000.00 Memo: Withdraw to no1bbs from
10:41U315??90125.27.245.*Stash MoneyThe next payment received 08/10/2011 09:15 67550998 U5873245 ( $10.60
10:08U729??1762.221.106.*Nano Energy ProjectGlobal project, nice profit!
10:07U729??1762.221.106.*ForexIntraDay-LTDStable payments, thanks admin!
9:55U779??01203.144.144.*Stash MoneyThis program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and other investors!
9:25U702??3477.79.166.*SecureEarnInvesting here can lead someone to a greater height. I'm so excited.
9:17U702??3477.79.166.*Hot-InvestingSimply the best program ever, reliable and honest service. Paid again, thank you.
9:13U315??90125.27.245.*Compact FundPayment received again! very good site Date: 08/10/2011 08:39 Batch: 67548068 From Account: U7285324 Amount: $21.00 Memo: Compact Fund Withdrawal
9:06U830??82204.12.222.*Pro Fx CashThe next payment received from Pro Fx Cash by instantly withdrawal : Date: 2011-09-08 16:29:17 Batch: 67496197 From Account: U1302719 Amount: $80.00 Memo: Withdraw to vouch from
9:04U402??02204.12.222.*Growth MoneyPayment received Date: 8/9/2011 6:09 PM Batch: 67504620 From Account: U0474536 (Growth Money) Amount: $125.00 Memo: Withdraw to xiaoxiao from
9:03U402??02204.12.222.*WinterestPayment received Date: 8/9/2011 6:09 PM Batch: 67504621 From Account: U0926674 (WinTerest) Amount: $5500.00 Memo: Withdraw to chunmei from
9:03U702??3477.79.166.*LibertyHoardThanks for your honesty.
8:52U702??3477.79.166.*Stock-BizGot paid thanks admin i will refer more people to the best program
8:38U814??43183.89.187.*Endangered AnimalNext payment received on time as usual: Date: 2011-08-09 12:24:33 Batch: 67471907 From Account: U8185023 (Endangered Animals) Amount: $10
8:09U773??30114.199.65.*Pro Fx CashThis is a realistic program for anyone looking for to invest! paid to me still very well.
8:07U477??94114.199.65.*Growth MoneyThis is a realistic program for anyone looking for to invest! paid to me still very well.
8:04U477??94114.199.65.*WinterestThis is a realistic program for anyone looking for to invest! paid to me still very well.
6:39U475??39 64.15.147.* Sofix Fund, IncVery Trust worthy HYIP.All The Best SF