Vote Information for Monday 8 August 2011


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21:28U480??44 223.255.226.* Allen Finance ltdmy LR account was changed with U3041899. It is SCAM!!!
20:09U242??72 65.49.14.* Endangered AnimalYou have received a payment to your account
18:16U430??27 83.95.134.* LibertyHoardI have reinvested my profits. Program will stay for a while.
17:54U228??73 78.9.28.* LibertyHoardI got my 1st payment
17:43U219??40 78.137.18.* LibertyHoardGreat program!!!!
17:41U883??24 124.120.72.* Compact FundPlease keep going this good working 08/08/2011 16:41 67399623 U7285324 (CompactFund) $21.00
17:38U912??33 182.53.192.* Compact FundNext daily payment received: 08/08/2011 17:05 67401685 U7285324 (CompactFund) $5.50
17:28U703??33 82.255.230.* LibertyHoardgot the next payment a minute ago...
17:11U242??72 223.206.72.* Compact FundFirst payment received 08/08/2011 11:58 67370399 U7285324 (CompactFund) $10.50
17:05U315??90 125.27.242.* Compact FundPayment received again! very good site Date: 8/8/2011 10:52 AM Batch: 67364969 From Account: U7285324 Amount: $11.00 Memo: Withdraw from Compact Fund
16:50U996??83 223.206.57.* Compact FundYou have received a payment to your account Date: 2011-08-08 07:54:51 Batch: 67351091 From Account: U7285324 Amount: $7.00 Memo: Withdraw from Compact Fund
16:40U814??43 183.89.218.* Compact FundPayment received! 08/08/2011 09:59 67360826 U7285324 (CompactFund) $22.50
15:03U702??3487.120.150.*Hot-InvestingLike others I got paid,once again thank you! hope to see you more! keep it up!
14:55U702??3487.120.150.*LibertyHoardI started to invite my friends on your site. BEST PROJECT!
14:44U974??21110.136.152.*Mac EarnDo not invest in MacEarn, trickster...!!
14:41U634??16217.108.74.*SecureEarnHonest admin and pays regulary!
14:32U634??16217.108.74.*Hot-InvestingVery nice and perfect a profitable program almost pays instantly.
14:19U634??16217.108.74.*LibertyHoardthanks! next $90 on my acc was again paid
14:04U876??44178.118.195.*SecureEarnVote surprising
13:56U876??44178.118.195.*Hot-InvestingSteady as a rock, Payouts are still being received.
13:41U876??44178.118.195.*LibertyHoardGood hyip..paid and paid again.
13:31U876??44 84.123.118.* Stock-BizEach person who has invested here,are happy with fast supporting.
13:20U190??9095.87.208.*SecureEarnthey send me my money
13:12U190??9095.87.208.*Hot-InvestingBest support and fast payouts. Excellent program.
13:02U190??9095.87.208.*LibertyHoardgot my money for all time
12:54U190??9095.87.208.*Stock-Bizbe as happy as sandboy and forget all your problems with this fast paying
12:32U790??9584.197.203.*SecureEarnAll in time. Super project!
12:21U790??9584.197.203.*Hot-InvestingI am interested in your honesty a lot.
12:15U790??9584.197.203.*LibertyHoardAlways got paid
11:56U790??9584.197.203.*Stock-Bizdon't lost your money! just invests here and receive your profit!
11:42U079??6084.197.136.*SecureEarnPaid without any problems!
11:34U079??6084.197.136.*Hot-InvestingYou are the best hyip that I ever see.
11:30U996??83 49.49.79.* Endangered AnimalSite send payment right on time to me. hope it stay here for a long time. great program for me.
11:24U079??6084.197.136.*LibertyHoardPaid me like always!!
11:14U079??6084.197.136.*Stock-BizWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic
10:22 U375??83 178.64.114.* HourlyBankerInstantly Paid just a second to my LR. Details here: Thank you very much,Admin!
8:57U814??64 182.9.24.* HourlyBankerTop Best Exclusive Site Program Instant Withdraw:Date 08/07/2011 21:31,Batch# 67328219, U5301050 (HourlyBanker),Amount $18.59 ,Memo: Withdraw Profit From HourlyBanker To hyipgaruda ,THANK YOU VERY MUCH MR ADMIN.