Vote Information for Saturday 23 July 2011

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19:23U003??38 41.239.221.* Hourly Bankmy withdrow pending over than 5 days not baying admin not answred to me over than 18 massege
18:45U857??3877.247.181.*ORT FundsI recommend them !
18:44U814??43 183.89.66.* Endangered AnimalEA - Withdrawal has been sent $10.00 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account
18:38U612??0681.218.219.*VLS ClubThank you for your honesty !!!
18:28U729??17109.167.54.*ForexIntraDay-LTDGood site with nice support
18:27U523??3978.132.237.*ForexIntraDay-LTDThe project is very good Date : 07/22/2011 03:50 From/To Account : U2811980 Amount : 2.60 Currency : USD Batch : 5858808 Memo : Withdraw from Forex Intraday LTD
18:26U729??17109.167.54.*Nano Energy ProjectStable payments, thanks
18:22U912??33 101.109.135.* Endangered AnimalI have been getting my interest payments without any problems!
18:17U883??24 124.120.89.* Endangered AnimalThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today.
18:04U224??32199.48.147.*Asia Financial ServicesPaid as always. Great !
17:29U263??0182.246.201.*Hot-InvestingI reinvest again really good program
17:21U263??0182.246.201.*LibertyHoardgot paid again,paid always faster,thanks
16:49U523??3978.132.237.*Nano Energy ProjectIncome derived Date : 07/22/2011 04:10 From/To Account : U5234639 Amount : 2.00 Currency : USD Batch : 66111337 Memo : Withdraw from Nano Energy Project
16:36U122??4588.171.21.*Hot-InvestingVery good my vote, because i am very thankful to you , for all good things!
16:29U122??4588.171.21.*LibertyHoardAlways paid on time, very nice site.
16:09U122??4588.171.21.*Stock-BizI have just cash sum amount of money you are great keep it up...
15:52U266??3779.119.177.*Hot-InvestingVery fast payments every day! Excellent program! Honest admin. Thank you
15:39U266??3779.119.177.*LibertyHoardI promise you will never lack anything just keep on moving.
15:18U266??3779.119.177.*Stock-BizGuys, invest here! It's really cool hyip! I received payments many times!
14:56U940??6494.224.188.*Hot-InvestingI think program will be working for a long time. Very good!
14:49U940??6494.224.188.*LibertyHoardGood job Admin. I always get paid very fast!
14:43U940??6494.224.188.*Stock-Bizpaid more than other i have received another $270
14:36U857??3881.170.234.*ARXN GroupThank you very much !
14:34U224??3281.170.234.*GVB FundsI like them very much !
14:31U911??7282.160.29.*RXN InvestmentsGot paid again !
14:29U363??5484.192.86.*Hot-InvestingI GOT payment very fast as usually.
14:19U363??5484.192.86.*LibertyHoardI am ok when i am with you.
14:05U363??5484.192.86.*Stock-Bizalways on is great because i got $590
13:16U471??44 188.195.225.* PrimfixPayment received within 3 minutes after request ...super ... 7/23/2011 Transfer Received From Primfix Limited Completed $21.00 USD
12:30U397??99199.48.147.*RTB ClubSuper indeed !
12:21U911??7282.160.29.*Green Financial ServicesGot paid again !
7:56U620??13203.82.81.*Full CashI lost all my money in my account. My withdrawal stolen!!!!
7:53U722??49 182.53.36.* Endangered Animalexcellence program Thank you admin for payment
7:51U620??13203.82.81.*Earn CapitalI lost all my money in my account. My withdrawal stolen!!!!
7:24U315??90 125.27.252.* Projection Finance Inc.Payment received again! Date: 07/23/2011 06:48 Batch: 66131600 From Account: U8935192 (Projection Finance Inc.) Amount: $36.00 Memo: Express plan - 1/7
6:48U814??43 122.154.3.* Projection Finance Inc.Excellent program! Date: 7/23/2011 6:24 AM Batch: 66130959 From Account: U8935192 (Projection Finance Inc.) Amount: $18.00 Memo: Express plan - 1/7
6:24U883??24 115.87.106.* Projection Finance Inc.Amount: $14.00 07/23/2011 05:40 66129955 U8935192 (Projection F...) $14.00
2:34U385??14 219.91.206.* Earn Capitali had requested for withdrawl on 21 Jul and today is 23 Jul 3 days passed NO RESPONSE.. BEWARE investors.
0:15U984??62 95.168.177.* Powerful Strategy$103.02 received instantly! Liberty Reserve batch: 66047914, thank's admin!!!!!!!!!!