Vote Information for Tuesday 23 January 2007


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23:56266??95 60.51.112.* Hyip2Propaid 1/4 id : rinsaf
20:27135??4280.252.248.*Apple-InvestGood site. Honest admin.
20:26135??4280.252.248.*UnitradeGood site. Honest admin.
20:24135??4280.252.248.*HourlyProfitsGood site. Honest admin.
20:23135??4280.252.248.*Charge InvestGood site. Honest admin.
20:22135??4280.252.248.*FlashReturnGood site. Honest admin.
20:21135??4280.252.248.*LifeDollarsGood site. Honest admin.
20:20135??4280.252.248.*OIL FundGood site. Honest admin.
20:19135??4280.252.248.*FRXCIGood site. Honest admin.
19:52290??99 201.29.193.* F1-FinancePaid...Thank you Adm!
19:36398??4485.86.41.*OIL Fundthey have disappeared?
19:29381??8460.250.136.*LaceFundHave not paid me on both investments !! SCAM
18:54225??95195.248.161.*Europe Trade LtdExcellent Project! Real Cool!
18:45374??84218.111.188.*TroyBankTroyBank is PAYING!!!! What else you need...Rating should be change....PAYING Status
18:45362??40193.151.57.*Fund 4 UsExcellent!!!
18:41362??40193.151.57.*Charge InvestExcellent!!!
18:37362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent!!!
18:02250??69 219.93.88.* SourceProfitPaying me again and again . Thanks Admin .
17:5289??51212.110.133.*Europe Trade LtdHappy investing and good luck!Eurotrade is great hyip!
17:16382??82 82.83.146.* SaxoMarketThieves!!! They're using money stolen from deleted big accounts to pay the smaller ones! The're playing "Robin Hood". Castrate the bastards or give me my $100 back!
16:24175??16200.65.127.*NodHyippaid me today.thank you
16:24148??97200.189.88.*MKClubBest! I'm in profit! Admin is very nice guy.
16:19175??16200.65.127.*ArowHyipPaid......................................... .....
16:13175??16200.65.127.*LaceFundPaid me today,thank you.
15:33246??58194.145.216.*UnitradePays constantly... I like!
15:32246??58194.145.216.*HourlyProfitsPays constantly... I like!
15:29246??58194.145.216.*Charge InvestPays constantly... I like!
15:28246??58194.145.216.*Investment BridgePays constantly... I like!
15:26246??58194.145.216.*FlashReturnPays constantly... I like!
15:25246??58194.145.216.*LifeDollarsPays constantly... I like!
15:23246??58194.145.216.*OIL FundPays constantly... I like!
15:22246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
13:20376??8968.227.8.*Alfa-Gropno pay email answered with blame to potential security risk further emails not answered not paid to egold at all SCAM
12:58394??69 60.48.100.* TotalSharespaid me as promised !
12:50348??5885.254.187.*TroyBankPaid as usual!
12:33355??55 125.162.188.* ePann IncTo admin top100hyip, its moment is epann promoted into 5 star program
12:18399??4283.133.125.*TrustEarngood support they paid me instantly , very good
12:16229??1280.227.0.*NodHyipToday,paid 31/200,good program.
12:15400??82206.222.31.*TrustEarnGood site, well done, it is the best program on net
12:09400??6766.199.240.*TrustEarnPaid.Good support. tanks
12:08229??1280.227.0.*ArowHyipToday,paid 9/40,good
12:06399??5583.133.125.*TrustEarnIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate
12:02400??3185.185.85.*TrustEarnWOW great project, paid! JOIN
12:00229??1280.227.0.*LaceFundDeposit $1200 again.paid 8/18 today,good program.
12:00400??7272.232.94.*TrustEarnPaid - thank you
11:57400??5966.199.240.*TrustEarnhonest admin. great, i got paid
11:48346??09 66.135.34.* Daily Capital LtdGood HYIP! Paid me always like clockwork! Thanks admin!
11:34399??6483.133.125.*TrustEarni got paid
11:31400??01206.222.31.*TrustEarngreat prgram, recommended! , they paid me tanks.
11:27400??7366.199.240.*TrustEarnbest support and fast payments , excellent program
10:19 396??30 219.95.33.* WinnerInvestnever pay any cent! he will die very soon!
10:10400??92 195.176.254.* Time HYIPI am in profit !
9:53358??57 89.54.35.* Golden FlowPaid today, thank you admin !
9:33383??80149.9.0.*Office HYIPI recommend them !
9:30371??7582.160.48.*Office HYIPGood Job Admin !
9:27400??92 141.35.14.* Office HYIPPaid. Thank You !
7:47374??84218.111.188.*FX Golden UnionWaiting for payment......invested 1/21/07 Batch 74801846
7:36395??49210.177.213.*MKClubIt is the excellent project. I am glad, that I participate in it!
5:58 399??84 165.21.154.*Daily Capital LtdCould not withdraw profits. No response from admin.
5:53 394??29 203.127.72.* LaceFundSpend on 118% after 3 days programme. I will update if it pays.
5:25389??87 217.118.66.* Hourly-IncomeThe administrator that at you with a server I cannot get on your site
5:21384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipPaid out again.
5:19384??77200.88.125.*ArowHyippaid out again.
5:16384??77200.88.125.*LaceFundpaid out again.
4:28266??9560.51.119.*Ageunionpaid me again .. id : rinsaf
1:11 292??42 69.182.95.* Gold Star FundGold Star Fund is no longer paying! Please change the status so no one else is scammed!!