Vote Information for Monday 11 July 2011

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22:34U242??7265.49.14.*Endangered AnimalGood Job Admin, thanks for the honest payment. Date: 2011-11-07 18:22:20 Batch: 65261720 From Account: U8185023 Amount: $10.00
19:21U459??8565.49.14.*Endangered AnimalPayment received, thank you Pay system: PerfectMoney Date: 07/11/2011 14:37 Batch: 5785576 From: U1460694 Amount: 2.00
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17:31U883??24 124.120.177.* PetroProffitGot paid again as normal,paid fast,thank you admin,honest!
17:17U079??60 193.173.93.* LibertyHoardBEST OF THE BEST...
17:10U814??43 14.207.207.* PetroProffitReceived payment as promised 07/11/2011 16:41 65253873 U3566373 (PetroProffit) $25.00
16:49U079??60 46.253.161.* Stock-BizBig real payments! I tried it already and i am satisfied.
16:33U263??01213.216.241.*LibertyHoardI will refer more people; thanks
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13:55U169??56 223.206.228.* Endangered AnimalGot paid again , Thanks admin.
13:44U912??33 125.27.31.* Endangered Animal07/10/2011 20:09 65191702 U8185023 (Endangered A...) $5.49 Thanks Admin
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13:07U996??83 223.204.118.* PetroProffitPAID ME! thanks for paying me again... stay here for a long time!
13:04U912??33 125.27.16.* PetroProffitgot paid,thank admin. Date: 7/11/2011 3:14 AM Batch: 65202008 From Account: U3566373 (PetroProffit) Amount: $10.30 Memo: Withdrawal from
12:23U122??4583.177.25.*Stock-BizVery stable professional project. I got payment!
11:59U266??3789.190.210.*LibertyHoardI am very happy with this program got paid
11:56U729??17 77.235.108.* Nano Energy ProjectReal work! Stable payments. Thanks!!! 23:45 09.07.11 07/10/2011 20:29 Batch: 5778525 65192335 Amount: $4.51 $4.90
11:45U940??6489.190.210.*Stock-BizHas received the next payment!