Vote Information for Wednesday 18 May 2011


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16:28U117??30203.206.138.*Oil Forex Trading Co.paid.I will add my investment to get more. Date: 2011-18-05 10:52:21 Batch: 61452649 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $9,249.63 Memo: Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co.
15:50U996??83 223.206.62.* MDTPays on time, rapid answer to queries and corrects any problem immediately.Great!!!
15:14U405??14 115.93.241.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Just got payment. Invest again. You have successfully sent a payment from your account U8******* (Ea***): Date: 5/17/2011 5:42 PM Batch: 61406127 Sent To: U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount: $8,000.00 Memo: Deposit to OiL Forex Trading Co. User ****** Thank you.
14:52U100??22 110.77.238.* MDTperfect payment i receive money again thank you admin.
14:36U603??43 125.92.28.* Large ProfitDate 05/18/2011 15:24 Batch 61472171 From U4782542 (largeprofit)
14:26U977??95 58.9.99.* MDTWeb credibility in the investment. Pay quickly and safely.
14:21U912??33182.53.231.*MDTOne of the really successful program! I never regret joining this one.
14:06U888??05 1.46.240.* MDTA good management system. Thanks Admin. For pay today.
14:03U752??2058.64.110.*MDTAnother payout obtained by the honest admin again. I will add my deposited to earn huge profits with this excellent project.
13:59U883??24124.120.199.*Interest Company05/18/2011 13:17 61462852 U0208800 (InterestComp...) $25.80
13:59U605??6794.89.229.*Oil Forex Trading Co.$2,875.52 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U6xxxxxx. Transaction batch is 61406507.
13:52U843??07 223.204.145.* MDTHigh recommend! Very fast payment! Thanks.
13:45U551??65 112.217.20.* HighwayProfitpaying me Date : 2011-18-05 07:27:41 From/To Account : U0503535 (HighwayProfit) Amount : 6.0000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 61442258 Memo : Withdraw to count from Thank admin!
13:32U872??2946.37.186.*HighwayProfitThe next payment on "Liberty Reserve" is received: Pay system: Liberty Date: 2011-18-05 00:30:00 Batch: 61428143 From: U0503535 (HighwayProfit) Amount: 1.5000 Currency: LRUSD
13:31U967??39 223.207.1.* MDTIt is the good hyip, payment so fast so instant to me always. Good job.
13:06U883??24124.120.199.*Max And Safe05/18/2011 11:21 61454559 U5254168 ( $30.50
13:06U912??33182.53.231.*Interest CompanyThanks for paid @ 05/18/2011 13:39 61464356 U0208800 (InterestComp...) $22.40
12:45U912??33182.53.231.*Max And SafeToday I received @ 05/18/2011 10:57 61453055 U5254168 ( $15.20
12:07U067??8098.126.95.*EarnoSphereReceived my payment on time,thank admin! Date: 2011-05-18 06:17 Batch: 61439578 From Account: U1473293 (EarnoSphere Payments) Amount: $23.00 Memo: Withdraw to dublin from
8:47U605??6794.89.229.*Possible Money MakingYou have received a payment to your account U*****: Date: 2011-17-05 18:18:11 Batch: 61408677 From Account: U4308366 Amount: $87.55 Memo: Withdraw to from Possible Money Making Thank you.
8:32U405??1480.164.43.*Possible Money MakingReceived payment and add my deposit with LR. Date: May 17, 2011 5:03:14 PM Amount Sent: $41.72 USD Sender Name: Alicia Van Haugh Sender Email: Reference Number: C789A-D65AE-F00ED Payment Mode Account Date 05/17/2011 17:02 Batch 6
8:19U405??1480.164.43.*PinvestPerfect program. Payment received again. Date : 2011-17-05 18:43:10 From/To Account : U5516704 (Pinvest) Amount : 5.90 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 61410580 Memo : Withdraw to from Pinvest
8:06U249??9387.106.55.*Possible Money MakingPaid as usual.Honest admin. Thanks a lot. Date: May 17, 2011 5:33:26 AM Amount Sent: $315.30 USD Sender Name: Alicia Van Haugh Sender Email: Reference Number: E0A77-A0956-15ED8
7:55U249??9387.106.55.*PinvestReceived my payment.and Add my investment. Payment Mode Account Date 05/18/2011 08:44 Batch 61445356 To U5516704 (Pinvest) Amount $1,000.00 Date: 2011-17-05 18:43:18 Batch: 61410599 From Account: U5516704 Amount: $35.00 Memo: Withdraw to from Pinvest
6:57U289??88193.178.200.*Possible Money MakingPaid within a hours. Admin. thank you. Date: 5/17/2011 6:37 PM Batch: 61410263 From Account: U4308366 (Possible Money Making) Amount: $125.66 Memo: Withdraw to from Possible Money Making Thank you.
6:44U289??88193.178.200.*PinvestPaid as usual. Good. You have received a payment to your account. Date: 2011-17-05 18:43:44 Batch: 61410637 From Account: U5516704 Amount: $4.00 Memo: Withdraw to from Pinvest Thank you.