Vote Information for Wednesday 20 April 2011


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16:57U146??31 115.242.211.* Goldenfxcashprompt paying hyip website ...
16:53U430??27 83.21.253.* Gold-InstantGot paid. Perfect program ! Thank you guys.
16:50U397??9977.247.181.*VLS ClubI am in profit - thank you !
16:45U224??3246.19.138.*ARXN GroupThis program is great indeed !
16:38U317??3246.19.138.*GVB FundsGood job Admin !
16:37U996??83223.204.120.*EarnoSphere$17.50 Apr-20-2011 04:17:34 PM Withdrawal: Withdrawal to account U099xxxx. Batch is 59591350
16:35U459??85 125.27.71.* EarnoSphere$15.00 Apr-20-2011 09:15:19 AM Withdrawal: Withdrawal to account U056xxxx. Batch is 59557548
16:31U529??25 124.122.136.* EarnoSphere$25.29 Apr-20-2011 06:09:04 AM Withdrawal: Withdrawal to account U256xxxx. Batch is 5277648 thanks!
16:28U228??73 90.227.238.* Gold-InstantReally paying program without trouble. Thanks admin for paid me so far.
16:14U219??4084.193.238.*Gold-InstantBeing paid without fail since I joined them, many thanks
15:56U996??83223.204.120.*MDTWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
15:51U703??33213.231.139.*Gold-InstantYou are salt of the earth.I admire your honesty punctuality.
15:35U547??8989.217.114.*PSG Trading CenterDo not invest in that program ! I did not receive anything and they do not reply to mails. => SCAM
15:34U702??3492.115.183.*Gold-InstantPaid me instantly! Its the best project! Thanks Admin!!
15:33U547??8989.217.114.*Madison Gold FundDo not invest in that program ! I did not receive anything and they do not reply to mails. => SCAM
14:01U272??19195.158.22.*The Super ForexI have received money from this program! thank you admin.
14:01U727??1385.223.49.*RXN InvestmentsNo missing payouts here !
13:50U562??97221.226.56.*The Super ForexGood program, I got payments automatically without problems.
13:45U480??86 190.34.42.* The Super Forexthey work very good . fast support and friendly admin , paid ontime with out any problem , nice project
13:21U787??81 85.174.47.* The Super ForexPAID . PAID . IT WORK . WOW . MANY TANKS .
13:13U338??0069.163.96.*The Super Forexnice design i just invested 5,000 usd hope to work for a long time
13:09U132??6269.163.96.*The Super Forexthey paid me and i sent this rate for them now
13:06U482??5341.222.65.*The Super Forexpaid me on time . many tanks
12:53U977??95 14.207.104.* MDTHyip is highly appreciated. Security plan. And fast payment.
12:52U727??1393.115.241.*RTB ClubNo missing payouts here !
12:43U224??3293.115.241.*Green Financial ServicesMy funds are growing and growing !
12:42U883??24124.120.83.*MDTThis program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and other investors!
12:20U746??8961.97.159.*HighwayProfitpayment received very fast as usual: Date : 2011-20-04 12:23:36 From/To Account : U0503535 (HighwayProfit) Amount : 10.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 59554347 Memo : Withdraw to goduil from
11:47U451??89210.19.135.*HighwayProfitNext payment received again 04/20/2011 09:24 59551191 U0503535 (HighwayProfit) $1.00 Thanks Admin
9:48U430??2792.115.183.*PicoProfitThanks a lot for being so honest.I got payment again from this great hyip.
9:31U228??7383.177.25.*PicoProfitHuumm!This site is really really paying! you are the best!
7:56U883??24124.120.83.*Citrus FinancePayment received. Date: 4/20/2011 9:39 AM Batch: 59552071 From Account: U3934305 (Citrus Finance) Amount: $12.00 Memo: Paid 4/10
7:36U315??90180.180.159.*Citrus FinanceExcellent very fast payment, Date: 2011-20-04 08:04:56 Batch: 59547342 From Account: U3934305 (Citrus Finance) Amount: $24.00 Memo: Paid 4/10 ,Thank admin.
7:15U219??40188.126.9.*PicoProfitpayments regular ! i like to work with this program!
7:15U977??95 122.154.3.* EarnoSphere$115.00 Apr-19-2011 09:41:40 PM Withdrawal: Withdrawal to account U580xxxx. Batch is 59528789
7:01U703??3378.83.40.*PicoProfitpaid me instantly
6:57U874??94 124.120.159.* Citrus Finance04/20/2011 07:35 59546079 U3934305 (Citrus Finance) $18.00 Very fast paid me , Thanks admin.
6:53U315??90180.180.159.*EarnoSphere$23.00 Apr-19-2011 08:58:28 PM Withdrawal: Withdrawal to account u498xxxx. Batch is 59527224 Excellent very fast payment, Thank admin.
6:37U702??34212.117.55.*PicoProfitAdmins, ur project is the best one! give me more money,thank you!
3:25U451??8969.11.102.*EarnoSphereDate: 2011-19-04 12:22:51 Batch: 59484447 From Account: U1473293 Amount: $115.00 Memo: Withdraw to vouch from Thank you.