Vote Information for Tuesday 19 April 2011


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21:14U151??6676.247.188.*PSG Trading Centernot paying, selective payout.
20:53U492??49 79.201.48.* Barclay Premier FundThank you for paying. I will wait for the next day.
20:03U529??25 124.120.70.* Citrus Financereceived commission fees today , thanks admin
16:38U634??1689.215.4.*PicoProfitI verify this program , Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
15:50U526??82 178.217.24.* EarnoSphereWithdrawal: Withdrawal to account Uxxx0459. Batch is 59448627. Thanks a lot, admin!
14:33U883??24203.144.144.*MDTCool program, always receive my payment on time.
14:04U752??2058.64.110.*MDTExcellent plan , paid to me again thank you admin.
13:47U904??31 101.108.188.* MDTWeb a complete in all aspects and payments been very positive. thanks admin.
13:23U145??32 184.95.41.* Gain FinancialGot paid again, and am in profit. Thanks!! Re-invest
13:12U942??07 125.92.24.* Gain FinancialDate 04/19/2011 15:05 Batch 59496177 From U7854991 (gainfinancial) Amount $1.85
11:24U315??90125.27.248.*Dubai InvestWeb pay very well. I will invest again, Thanks admin.
9:44U977??95 14.207.232.* Citrus Finance04/19/2011 10:30 59477162 U3934305 (Citrus Finance) $36.00
9:19U883??24 124.120.207.* Citrus FinanceNew Paid received. Date: 2011-19-04 08:13:23 Batch: 59469696 From Account: U3934305 (Citrus Finance) Amount: $12.00 Memo: Paid 3/10
9:03U876??44 151.66.134.* PicoProfitI trust this admin First time I ever made profit from any program!
8:35U190??90 46.118.236.* PicoProfitYou will be as happy as a king if you invest here
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8:02U079??60 77.78.158.* PicoProfitThanks admin! you are one of the best sites in the world.
6:13U752??2058.64.110.*Citrus Finance04/19/2011 07:28 59467808 U3934305 (Citrus Finance) $12.00
5:35U315??90125.27.248.*Citrus FinanceWeb pay very well. Date: 2011-19-04 06:56:26 Batch: 59466429 From Account: U3934305 (Citrus Finance) Amount: $24.00 Memo: Paid 3/10 ,Thanks admin.
3:11 U784??86 115.135.186.* Merchant 4 FxWithdrawal NOT process after nearly 30 hours and they canx the request so that you must request again! They are playing with time to make you request Payment time and again! This one will scam soon!!
0:18U940??03 203.217.176.* Instantly GainI got my money! Thanks a lot admin.