Vote Information for Tuesday 12 April 2011


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18:01U430??27 78.20.245.* PicoProfiti just received my payment again, this is great
17:42U228??73 82.212.171.* PicoProfitwe vote them when get paid
17:14U219??4082.216.156.*PicoProfitis a great program I was paid instantly no excuses just paid. Thanks
16:59U703??3386.58.17.*PicoProfitI did recive my first payment today, and i had the money instantly after i made the request
16:39U702??34 95.223.105.* PicoProfitHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out
15:43U883??24203.144.144.*EarnoSphereThe program is paying as normal I mean i have been paid all the time.thanks admin for doing good work.
15:43U459??85 125.27.69.* EarnoSphereOh!!!! Thanks a lot for make a lot of money to me.
15:18U839??8892.241.108.*Dubai InvestInstant !Date: 2011-12-04 16:22:24 Batch: 59016719 From Account: U1270396 Amount: $1.00 Memo: Withdraw to PAT2007 from
15:15 U921??90 174.6.113.* NY Gold IncomeSCAM, no payment no response, only pay monitor site, all good votes are lies, i know 10 other guys who invested and ALL got SCAMED
15:06U651??52 94.233.208.* Dubai InvestDate: 2011-12-04 Batch: 58993349 From Account: U1270396 Amount: $1.00 Withdraw from
13:50U843??07 223.204.99.* MDTReal payment from this site. Thanks admin.
13:33U883??24203.144.144.*MDTI got payment without any delay, really good program, thank you admin!
13:16U752??20 58.64.110.* MDTvery good program
12:34U874??94 124.120.174.* Citrus Finance04/12/2011 14:04 59005095 U3934305 (Citrus Finance) $12.00 Got paid again , Thanks admin.
11:40U977??95 61.90.70.* Citrus Finance04/12/2011 12:58 59000288 U3934305 (Citrus Finance) $12.00
11:25U315??90182.53.238.*Dubai InvestPerfect site. Good pay on time without no problems. Thank you admin.
10:58U883??24 110.168.103.* Citrus FinanceI got paid again! Date: 2011-12-04 11:22:45 Batch: 58994009 From Account: U3934305 (Citrus Finance) Amount: $12.00 Memo: Paid 6/10
10:20U315??90182.53.238.*Citrus FinancePerfect site. Good pay on time without no problems. Thank you admin.
4:23U607??45209.17.170.*SOSInvestGood project, I will focus on
3:23 U740??32 46.37.187.* Kino Advisors LLC04/12/2011 04:19 58975605 U3294965 ( $3.00 Great project