Vote Information for Thursday 18 January 2007


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14:55246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
14:13384??77200.88.125.*ArowHyippaid out again.
14:09384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipPaid out again.
14:03384??77200.88.125.*LaceFundpaid out again.
12:53381??7784.19.181.*Europe Trade LtdThis program pays regularly!!!
12:48266??78200.121.44.*Office HYIPNEVER PAID ME. DON'T INVEST HERE. THEY SELECT
12:43266??78200.121.44.*LaceFundthank you Lace Fund. Payment received
12:03297??78 220.227.193.* Auto 1000% ProfitI have put my withdrawl request for $ 10 past 24 hrs still not recd payment in e-gold. Admin pl advise
11:48365??8824.174.116.*Only1HourSCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! They won't even pay me $1.70. Do not invest. They have shut me out. Lost $10. SCAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:27396??7761.108.125.*MKClubpaing very good and fast!recomnd you
10:15233??80 80.246.69.* Europe Trade LtdIt's fantastic! Got piad!
10:13388??90219.83.97.*Hetzler CapitalPaid 1 of 3.
10:11148??97200.189.88.*MKClubExcellent program! Never misses payment.
10:07388??90219.83.97.*Gold Star FundPaid 3 of 5 and 2 of 5.
9:46319??36219.95.18.*GenesisHYIPpaid me instantly.. Thanks admin.. Good work!!! -biliswira-
9:26288??35 89.169.145.* Europe Trade LtdThe Perfect program! Don't wait, invest and receive the profit!
9:22357??54212.138.64.*NodHyipSpend $500,pay daily and daily,great program.
9:18357??54212.138.64.*ArowHyipSpend $1000,pay daily and daily,great program.
9:17357??54212.138.64.*LaceFundSpend $2500 again,pay daily and daily,great program.
8:51377??7581.13.77.*Europe Trade LtdHas received profit and has enclosed still time.
8:42363??58211.196.186.*FundupsThank you admin,paid me on time
8:26192??7784.53.193.*Charge InvestPaid))
8:25192??7784.53.193.*Investment BridgeGolden project - paid!
8:23192??7784.53.193.*YogotoPaid :-)
8:22192??7784.53.193.*LifeDollarsVery good job!
8:21192??7784.53.193.*OIL Fundok.paid.
8:19195??2084.53.193.*FRXCIPaid project!
8:12290??38210.56.22.*Private-FundsI received my first payment well in time. Thanks a lot admin. I recommend this program to everyone. Thanks again.
6:43261??96213.128.220.*GenesisHYIPYour program is very good! Thanks admin! Paid instantly!
6:35361??1882.160.48.*ST-ClubPaying all the time !
6:22270??63213.135.138.*Europe Trade LtdEurope Trade paid me. Best of program.
6:21361??18149.9.0.*Office HYIPGot paid again !
5:55175??16200.65.127.*NodHyippaid me today.thank you.
5:34175??16200.65.127.*ArowHyipPaid......................................... .....
5:24175??16200.65.127.*LaceFundPaid me today,thank you.
3:59297??78 220.227.192.* To 1000% PercentI have put my withdrawl request since last 48 hrs but not received money in my e-gold.?Admin please advise