Vote Information for Thursday 24 March 2011


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21:19U778??32 180.214.233.* FundOfProfit
20:54 U215??54 186.213.252.* Money Pro TradersI'm not being paid since November 22, 2011 my account LibertyReserve U2157754
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19:25U921??10202.108.5.*Best Profitabletoday they paid me and i sent this good vote for them . tank you
18:38U151??6676.247.188.*Secure ProfitNot paying, why Maxhyip still rate as paying status? at least they are doing selective payout on selective people and selective plans.
17:02U495??25204.152.221.*Agutera Group Inc.always been paid as promissed.thanks admin. Date: 2011-03-23 13:22:49 Batch: 57834840 From Account: U8488646 (A.G Invest) Amount: $3.6 Memo:
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10:38U650??88114.203.87.*Extra IncomePaid again as always. Date: 2011-24-03 02:32:33 Batch: 57884724 From Account: U1367753 (ExtraIncome) Amount: $425.00 Memo: Withdraw to Hunter from Thank you.
9:55U911??7282.160.29.*VLS ClubGot paid again !
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1:41U454??9165.49.38.*Kino Advisors LLC03/24/2011 02:22 57884416 U3294965 ( $5.20