Vote Information for Friday 18 March 2011


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19:57U603??68 216.18.195.* Agutera Group Inc.Another payout obtained again.thanks admin. Date : 2011-18-03 12:14:56 From/To Account : U8488646 (A.G Invest) Amount : 7.20 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 57489387 Memo : Withdraw to master9602 from
18:59U263??0187.120.68.*FundOfProfitThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will pay as quick as usual
18:51U263??01 78.83.139.* BestProfitInvpaid again!I'm going to invest again!good luck to all!
18:38U122??4577.78.224.*FundOfProfitSuper Program! Quality program!
18:33U122??4577.78.224.*BestProfitInvMany thanks to Admin for my payout,honest man!
18:18U266??3777.45.21.*FundOfProfitStable Program, Always paid instantly!
18:09U266??3777.45.21.*BestProfitInvPaid again in times! So cool! If you don't try you cannot believe it!really great program!
17:05U911??7282.160.29.*Asia Financial ServicesGot paid again !
16:52U940??6479.121.13.*FundOfProfitI am near profit. Hope things will go perfectly!!
16:49U940??6479.121.13.*BestProfitInvI got ref commission today, admin paid instantly,thx!
16:42U345??00 92.47.209.* Major EarnWOW . PAID TO ME AND ALL OF MY FRIENDS . HONEST PROGRAM
16:36U211??42211.138.29.*Major Earnme and my son got paid from this one . it is a hot hyip
16:32U401??43202.171.42.*Major Earnpaid to me too . very good
16:28U503??4774.63.210.*Major Earni paid from this one ! it work fine
16:24U480??86 74.63.210.* Major EarnPAYING PAYING . PAID ME NOW
16:19U363??54212.142.66.*FundOfProfitSupport is very friendly!
16:12U363??54212.142.66.*BestProfitInvOne the best investment project!got my paid again and again,thank you admin!
15:46U329??08 101.109.81.* Bank of PanamaThis great program is kind of money maker for me. Payment always on time. Admin Excellent.
15:35U581??22212.81.205.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Another good program for me. Got paid again from here without any problem today! Date: 2011-17-03 20:17:28 Batch: 57444466 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $9,300.00 Memo: Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co. Thank you.
15:31U430??2784.0.131.*FundOfProfitExcellent paying program! Perfect support!
15:20U459??85 182.53.199.* Bank of PanamaOntime for paid. It's so good plan and honest. Thanks.
15:19U315??90125.27.248.*Bank of PanamaPerfect program.I confirm that paid very quickly,thanks admin.
15:18U883??24124.120.33.*Bank of PanamaVery good project and real investment program, perfect!!!!no problem!!!
15:14U430??2784.0.131.*BestProfitInvpaying again as promised,nice site,thanks honest man!
14:56U228??7386.26.67.*FundOfProfitPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
14:45U228??7386.26.67.*BestProfitInvEverything is perfect here,got $450 today again,thanks!!
14:34U249??93 178.33.21.* Oil Forex Trading Co.03/17/2011 20:25 57444963 U4563654 (O.F.T.) $6,484.89 03/18/2011 00:49 57455647 U4563654 (O.F.T.) - $10,000 $0.00
14:17U219??40213.151.183.*FundOfProfitgood admin response
14:07U219??40213.151.183.*BestProfitInvpaid $330 to me again,very reliable program,thank you!
13:39U703??33188.27.218.*FundOfProfitwe have tested you and we declear you 100% good to the world.
13:28U787??00209.17.170.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Really Paying program,I Had been paid many times and site still paying well! Date: 2011-17-03 20:15:50 Batch: 57444378 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $8,500.00 Memo: Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co. Thank you.
13:26U703??33188.27.218.*BestProfitInvThanks for paying!!!Paid very fast! Thank you!
13:00U702??34 85.24.201.* InvestElementsjust paid me without problem.
12:39U702??3484.0.119.*FundOfProfitThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
12:25U702??3484.0.119.*BestProfitInvGreat program! Paid me on time.Thanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
12:15U886??65222.103.56.*OMV Gas IncomeSent me payments. 03/18/2011 04:43 57464864 U8087176 (omvgasincome) $131.00
12:06U634??1695.111.51.*InvestElementsThis is the program on the web! Thanks for payment.
12:00U295??37118.217.181.*OMV Gas Income03/18/2011 10:14 57481392 U8087176 (omvgasincome) $15.00 I was paid as usual. Thanks admin
11:47U202??5681.218.247.*OMV Gas IncomeNext payment Received on time as usual. Date: 2011-18-03 09:41:24 Batch: 57479429 From Account: U8087176 (omvgasincome) Amount: $20.00 Memo: Withdraw to Andersonbell from Thanks admin!
11:38U634??1695.111.51.*FundOfProfitYOU ARE THE BEST, ABSOLUTELY THE BEST.....
11:34U945??43115.21.202.*OMV Gas Incomeget paid again. Date: 2011-18-03 08:15:42 Batch: 57474098 From Account: U8087176 (omvgasincome) Amount: $65.50 Memo: Withdraw to michaelcook from Thanks admin!
11:27U634??1695.111.51.*BestProfitInvThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will pay as quick as usual
11:25U302??40 125.122.34.* Thomson Asset ManagementScam! not paid.
11:10U876??44213.161.18.*InvestElementsThis program is so successful that its name became a household world .
10:52U779??01124.120.33.*Major EarnThank you admin, I received my payment today.I'm glad to work with you.
10:47U876??44213.161.18.*FundOfProfitthey paid me instantly.
10:45U843??07 223.205.215.* Major EarnThe project pays correctly without delay.
10:401??7082.195.232.*Invest UtopiaI was paid again on time.
10:37U315??90125.27.248.*Major EarnBest investment program. Project is stable and shows good results in work.Thanks admin.
10:35U876??44213.161.18.*BestProfitInvSuper Program! Quality program!
10:26U883??24 183.89.178.* Major EarnPaid on time without any problem, perfect program,honest admin!
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10:01U939??81 85.105.32.* Major EarnNice Hyip . Nice design nice plans . i like it , i got paid from them . it is nice program
9:58U272??19 101.0.6.* Major EarnPAID ME NOW . EXCELLENT PROGRAM
9:53U190??90 94.253.234.* BestProfitInvStable Program, Always paid on time!
9:52 U710??81 12.0.71.*Major Earnmy referral commission paid instantly very good tanks . 120$ , Batch: 57483006
9:43U242??2691.200.48.*Oil Forex Trading Co.BIG Commission from my friends ! Received on time as usual!! Date: 2011-16-03 17:18:45 Batch: 57350847 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $3,583.27 Memo: Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co. Hot is growing very well.
9:28U790??9583.76.39.*InvestElementsPerfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me
9:08U790??9583.76.39.*FundOfProfitI GOT YOUR REFERRAL BONUS NOW
8:59U790??9583.76.39.*BestProfitInvI am near profit. Hope things will go perfectly!!
8:45U079??6077.254.152.*InvestElementsToday got paid! thanks for your good job
8:20U079??6077.254.152.*FundOfProfitI will Tell the World that you are Da BOMB....
8:10U079??6077.254.152.*BestProfitInvSupport is very friendly!
4:13U535??87202.172.169.*Extra IncomePAID to Amanda always! Date: 2011-18-03 03:40:55 Batch: 57462038 From Account: U1367753 (ExtraIncome) Amount: $14.50 Memo: Withdraw to Amanda from Thank you.
4:09U650??8824.39.253.*Extra Income03/18/2011 03:14 57461059 U1367753 (ExtraIncome) $36.00 Paid again instant. Thanks admin
4:05U143??10203.116.158.*Extra IncomeReceive my payment today.Thanks admin Date: 2011-18-03 01:49:31 Batch: 57457895 From Account: U1367753 (ExtraIncome) Amount: $600.00 Memo: Withdraw to Katherine from Thank you.
0:44U026??8580.169.130.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Paid $10,000 as usual. and re-invest $9,500.00 again. Date: 2011-16-03 17:19:43 Batch: 57350968 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $10,000 Payment Mode Account Date 03/17/2011 16:33 Batch 57429909 To U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount $9,500.00 Memo Deposit to OiL F