Vote Information for Sunday 6 February 2011


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0:53U603??43112.175.234.*Reserve INTExcellent job done!I got my requested amount still no problem.they are the best.
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0:44U653??77125.92.55.*Reserve INTReceived payment again and again,this is one of the great Program!
18:20U883??24203.144.144.*Car-InvestmentKeep paying me everyday without delay. Fast support and payment.
18:16U448??86110.159.146.*Extra Income
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16:32 U357??09 94.76.204.*Extra IncomeTHIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!! PLS DO NOT INVEST!!!!!!!! They falsely accused me of having two a/cs from one IP address and froze my a/c - after stealing my money
15:49U833??72 188.143.18.* DollarCommerce
15:36U459??85125.27.29.*Europe-invNo delay payment. admind very honest. Thank you.
15:25U779??01 124.120.207.* Europe-invI have received payment. This investment is a reliable program!
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14:23U253??13 112.92.151.* Agutera Group Inc.Received my dayily payment as before.02/05/2011 12:29 54734784 U8488646 (A.G Invest) $12.00 thanks reliable admin.
9:33U329??08118.173.172.*Eurasia Trade Ltd.My payment as usual, Thank you admin. 02/05/2011 10:02 54727641 U0844870 (Eurasia Trad...) $12.50
9:29U535??87211.55.4.*Lucrum FundPaying Date: 2011-05-02 08:53:37 Batch: 54724946 From Account: U8359144 ( Amount: $8.53 Memo: Withdrawal to Stephanie from LucrumFund Thank admin.
9:24U650??8858.7.5.*Lucrum FundPayout fast, Thank you admin: 2/5/2011 09:29 54726377 U8359144 ( $11.00
9:07U891??94115.184.90.*Venture Finance Corp.i am deposit $20 date 19/1/2011 my money not paid scam
9:05U967??39118.172.79.*Eurasia Trade Ltd.02/05/2011 09:26 54726243 U0844870 (Eurasia Trad...) $15.00 Good hyip
8:51U459??85 182.53.207.* Eurasia Trade Ltd.Today I received this paid. 02/05/2011 09:21 54726103 U0844870 (Eurasia Trad...) $5.00
8:39U891??94115.184.90.*Norge Gold Bankmy money not paid its very bad
3:13U741??79204.16.192.*Future Trails IncDate: 2011-02-04 04:49 Batch: 54654323 From Account: U0578687 (Futuretrails) Amount: $8.00 Memo: Withdraw from Future Trails Well done,admin,pay me all the time. This one is a honest and excellent program.
1:02U202??29 61.204.125.* Oil Forex Trading Co.01/30/2011 09:34 54328899 U4563654 (O.F.T.) - $5000.00 Date: 2011-04-02 08:18:50 Batch: 54660842 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $6000.00 payment time is always punctual, Re-invest The remaining Profits. hoped that we win more profits.