Vote Information for Tuesday 1 February 2011


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19:57U166??98182.53.166.*Receive The MoneyThis hyip is paying again!!! Very professional program. I'm glad to work with you!!!
18:50U919??48211.55.34.*Agutera Group Inc.The site is paying normally. 02/01/2011 15:37 54472943 U8488646 (A.G Invest) $12.50 Hoep the admin will keep on the good work.thanks.
18:38U165??5889.189.177.*JTE DollarUser:Glipp. After 4 days I got my money. It' really too long. Thank for your help.
17:19U802??5065.49.14.*Receive The MoneyFast and nice support,payment so fast to me. Thank you admin.
16:45U779??01 124.120.205.* Receive The MoneyI got payment without any delay, really good program, thank you admin!
16:10U166??98182.53.166.*Eurasia Trade Ltd.My payment as usual, Thank you admin. 02/01/2011 14:45 54469512 U0844870 (Eurasia Trad...) $12.50
16:00U967??39118.172.71.*Receive The Moneywow ! It's a nice plan and nice site. I will invested in tomorrow.
15:59U255??33211.78.163.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Processor: LibertyReserve Date: 01/31/2011 09:44 Batch: 54379579 From Account: U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount: $3711.67 Merchant Reference: Memo: Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co. Thank you, admin!
15:55U459??85 101.109.139.* Receive The MoneyI got paid in this site today. Thanks admin.
15:30U883??24183.89.194.*Receive The MoneyI have been getting my interest payments no problems.keep up the good work.
14:52 U1752323 PROXY XpInvestment
13:49U967??39118.172.71.*Eurasia Trade Ltd.Paid to me on time no delay 02/01/2011 13:39 54464708 U0844870 (Eurasia Trad...) $15.00 Thanks admin.
13:41U790??84217.75.76.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Date : 2011-31-01 09:39:56 From/To Account : U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount : 5500.00 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 54379304 Memo : Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co.
12:57U731??39 200.29.216.* Bomb PayGod Almighty is the only one who can reward the admin of this program because they make me rich this early new year. $3,125.00 paid to my account now . batch# 50984527
12:43U883??24183.89.194.*Eurasia Trade Ltd.Paid on time,very nice. 02/01/2011 12:42 54461042 U0844870 (Eurasia Trad...) $50.00
11:50U537??2582.199.187.*Oil Forex Trading Co.New payment Received on time as usual!! Date: 2011-31-01 09:39:53 Batch: 54379292 From Account: u4563654 Amount: $7,895.00 Memo: Withdraw to from OiL Forex Trading Co.
10:00U143??10119.202.250.*DollarCommerce02/01/2011 07:48 54445033 U0516633 (DollarCommerce) $31.79 i got paid again. to invest more.
9:47U867??66217.41.13.*Future Trails IncYou have received a payment to your account u0870838: Date: 2011-31-01 21:41:29 Batch: 54425722 From Account: U0578687 Amount: $1.85 Memo: Withdraw from Future Trails Thank you....
9:35U026??8578.109.160.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Paying.......... 01/31/2011 09:39 54379291 U4563654 (O.F.T.) $1858.00 01/31/2011 09:39 54379288 U4563654 (O.F.T.) $5000.00
9:16U824??74210.219.175.*DollarCommercePayment received from 02/01/2011 08:31 54447026 U0516633 (DollarCommerce) $5.30
9:06U506??79121.162.196.*DollarCommercePAYMENT RECEIVED THANKS ADMIN Date: 2011-01-02 06:22:57 Batch: 54441567 From Account: U0516633 (DollarCommerce) Amount: $15.00 Memo: Withdraw to Sethowen from DollarCommerce Thank you.
8:51U787??20 69.18.209.* Chrisfeeney02/01/2011 09:42 54450082 U0415053 (www.chrisfee...) $4.28
7:23U751??7799.169.50.*Future Trails Inc01/31/2011 02:43 54365482 U0578687 (Futuretrails) $1.00
6:39U611??87194.158.196.*Oil Forex Trading Co.01/29/2011 10:43 54282731 U4563654 (O.F.T.) $4289.73 Date 01/30/2011 18:17 Batch 54349668 From U0xxxxx (Coldrose) To U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount $6,000.00 Memo Deposit to OiL Forex Trading Co. User Crxxxx
5:56U504??3158.26.151.*JTE Dollarit realy paid i got in 2011-28-01 06:18:51 batch : 542049424 U6703046 (JTE Dollar) $60.25 Payment received very fast every time. excellent program! thanks admin!
5:15U640??0968.208.20.*Future Trails IncDate: January 31, 2011 4:44:17 PM Amount Sent: $42.00 USD Sender Name: FutureTrails Sender Email: Reference Number: 5D804-723E0-B89F6, Message: Withdraw to EveryHYIP813%20from Future Tra ils
3:56U889??41 119.195.248.* Future Trails IncNew payout received, thank you. 01/31/2011 02:45 54365608 U0578687 (Futuretrails) $5.00 Memo: Withdraw from Future Trails
3:51U233??87212.1.66.*Oil Forex Trading Co.My name: yinstame. Trust Admin for make a investment. Date: 1/31/2011 10:46 AM Batch: 54382899 Sent To: U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount: $10,000.00 Memo: Deposit to OiL Forex Trading Co. User ******* Thank you.
2:08U202??29219.108.150.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Good program, show my payment at here. my name: bosr05 01/28/2011 15:55 54238994 U4563654 (O.F.T.) $2000.00 Date : 2011-29-01 10:43:13 From/To Account : U4563654 (O.F.T.) Amount : 6,825.20 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 54282704 Memo : Withdraw to bosr0