Vote Information for Saturday 13 January 2007


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0:06 298??40 59.139.101.* Profit2007no Paying
23:46 307??38 84.99.108.* Magic-Penmy account disapear with my money !!
23:23384??12 84.158.99.* InvestmentSkyOnly one time paying - Lost 90% of investment! BIG SCAMM !
22:22200??57 217.119.145.* MKClubStable, reliable & instantly payouts, thanks!
22:07326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
21:39246??58194.145.216.*Q-InvestmentPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
21:38246??58194.145.216.*LifeDollarsPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
21:37246??58194.145.216.*OIL FundPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
21:36246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
21:35364??1576.185.61.*YogotoNO PAYMENT; NO RESPONSE!!
20:34 180??08 84.112.118.* No Limit HYIP1150% in Profit! Is the best .
19:58266??78200.121.44.*BestInvest2007I invested on 1-12-07, but i haven't seen a payment yet.
19:43276??81 148.233.159.* Europe Trade LtdGreat site- no words to thank you! Let's stick on it for a long time they are fantastic!
18:45386??57125.160.65.*ltj-Investerstart quickly, opening
18:37266??78201.230.141.*Yogotowhere is my money yogoto bullshit
18:33376??23125.160.65.*Europe Trade LtdPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest
17:47336??86 209.62.248.* MKClubToday paid again! Fine Program, excellent service!
17:13362??40193.151.57.*Fund 4 UsVery good!!!
16:48375??11 222.124.73.* BestInvest2007best admin paid everyday T Q
16:45175??16200.65.127.*LaceFundPaid me today,thank you.
16:40357??86 203.203.233.* Europe Trade LtdThe most reliable investment on net!
16:36 61??01 213.151.217.* Golden Flowplease admin golden-flow paid out my all deposit to e-gold (erikf)
16:32349??68138.243.129.*Advanced Profitspaid!!!!!akiskkks
16:30349??68138.243.129.*Double Nuggetpaid!!!!!!!!akiskkks
16:27388??5972.232.94.*Hot-Profit-BankWell paying site with qualitative support. I have profit.
16:2789??51212.110.133.*Europe Trade LtdJust have been paid. My parents and I - we thank admin kindly!
16:26388??5972.232.94.*Perfect ForexSimple paying, super hyip
16:26349??68138.243.129.*Federal Investpaid!!!!!!!!!akiskkks
16:07242??79 151.37.108.* Golden FlowPaid. no automatic. Thanks admin.( gold65 )
16:01229??15165.228.132.*LaceFundSpend in this pay today,
15:29355??55125.162.189.*Golden FlowWhere Are You Admin???
15:06379??4864.110.141.*20DailyHyipPENDING WITHDRAWAL $ 96
14:59 396??03 125.162.189.*ePann IncPay Instantly, Good Program, Yhank You!!!
14:57377??30125.162.189.*ePann IncPAYING ON TIME!! Thanks admin
14:55 390??87 125.162.189.*ePann Incpay, pay, pay and pay very fast again, thanks admin
14:50360??67125.162.189.*ePann IncPaying Instant, I love that, Thanks
14:46355??55125.162.189.*ePann IncAlways Paying. ePann is the best. God Bless You
14:30357??18125.162.189.*BestInvest2007Always Paying Everyday, thanks admin, GBU
14:12357??54212.138.64.*LaceFundSpend $650,pay daily and daily,great program.
14:08357??54212.138.64.*NodHyipSpend $500,pay daily and daily,great program.
13:14341??25 60.53.56.* Lomex Fund Inc.FIRST PAYMENT-PAID QUITE FAST...
13:09 371??94 68.79.103.* Digit-Profitwaiting for 4 days now for deposit back, no response from admin
10:12371??7587.230.18.*ST-ClubGood Program !
10:10369??84199.77.130.*ST-ClubGot paid again !
9:56271??9680.255.41.*Intermediate-InvestPaying always
9:54271??9680.255.41.*Able-investPaying every day
9:51199??75200.88.125.*MKClubPaid all the time! Great Program!!!
9:46271??9680.255.41.*Profit-For-AllGood program always paying
9:33323??9280.255.41.*LaceFundGood program paid 16/18 going to re-invest
9:26229??1280.227.0.*ArowHyipToday,paid 1/40,good program.
9:23323??9280.255.41.*BestInvest2007Good program received 8 payments so far. Thanks
9:17229??1280.227.0.*LaceFundToday,paid 17/18,good program.
9:15323??9280.255.41.*Profit-For-AllGood program received all payment 15/15 going to re-invest
9:11323??9280.255.41.*MaxigoldGood program paying going to re-invest
9:11395??6981.210.104.*Brent Investpaid me thanks goldenoc
9:10229??1280.227.0.*NodHyipToday,paid 21/200,good program.
8:21383??8082.160.48.*OnlineIncomeDirectWell done !
8:17371??75216.9.82.*OnlineIncomeDirectVery Good !
8:15395??49200.204.175.*MKClubThe best stable paying programm! Recommend for everyone!
7:32377??66 125.160.67.* BestInvest2007No Problem, his still good, paid every day, don't worry
5:46384??77200.88.125.*ArowHyippaid out today.
5:42384??77200.88.125.*LaceFundpaid out again.
5:19384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipPaid out again.
4:49387??29218.111.235.*BestInvest2007site is down now
3:52245??27 165.21.154.* Yogoto75bucks never showed up. becareful. do not invest.
2:02388??90219.83.97.*MaxigoldGood paying site. Never missed to pay.
2:00388??90219.83.97.*LaceFundPaid everyday. Stable and reliable. Recomended site for investment.
1:58388??90219.83.97.*MBK HyipPaid everyday, never miss to pay. Good paying site.
1:55388??90219.83.97.*BestInvest2007Still the best paying site. Never missed to pay. Recomended site for investment.
1:47388??90219.83.97.*Hetzler CapitalPaid 2of 3 and 1 of 3. Good paying site, recomended site for investment.
1:09367??64208.254.22.*Europe Trade LtdIt happened to me too, I sent an email and they fixed it right away, 2nd try the payment showed in my eGold instantly...