Vote Information for Sunday 9 January 2011


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19:10U857??38199.48.147.*RXN InvestmentsNice payment received. Thanks admin a lot.
19:06U662??73199.48.147.*ARXN GroupKeep up the good work!
18:57U662??73 195.71.226.* GVB FundsSuper, paying program !
18:29U430??27145.236.146.*EasyCashGrowthNo doubt for me to invest here again. great one. got paid. $350
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17:55U228??7389.74.216.*EasyCashGrowthbetter than the rest, no contest, you are the best
17:50U228??7389.74.216.*BetBankFundHave just got paid. Thanks admin.
17:30U219??40 77.242.145.* EasyCashGrowthPayment received - Thank You
17:14U165??5889.189.177.*JTE DollarUSER:Glipp. Yesterday was the 11 th payment. 20:51 08.01.11 Receive U1975026 5.66 50.39 Received Payment 5.66 USD from account U1975026. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to glipp from JTE dollar is very good!!!
17:05U703??3393.105.126.*EasyCashGrowthThis sites is good, paid me my first profit today.
17:00U703??3393.105.126.*BetBankFundPaid 230 usd instantly. Welcome back Admin. Thanks.
16:50U317??3295.143.193.*Asia Financial ServicesPaid as always. Great !
16:48U662??7395.143.193.*ORT FundsI like them very much !
16:46U857??3895.143.193.*VLS ClubThank you !!!
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16:32U702??3486.100.17.*BetBankFundThis one is simply the best program ever, reliable and honest service.
16:17U996??83223.206.116.*Instant LifePaid every day on time. I am invest here. Admin very nice.I love this site.
16:07U996??83223.206.116.*MNSPaid every day on time. I am invest here. Admin very nice.I love this site.
15:11U612??0638.102.94.*RTB ClubI like them very much !
15:03U662??7338.102.94.*Green Financial ServicesCool indeed !
14:38U779??01124.120.166.*Instant LifeHere is no scam, no fake, no delay, no crisis only stability and profit. It loves investors and I am *HAPPY*
14:21U824??74 125.7.203.* Agutera Group Inc.Next payment received again Date: 2011-09-01 08:07:12 Batch: 52856199 From Account: U8488646 (A.G Invest) Amount: $3.60 Memo: Withdraw to Chloe from Thank you.
13:42U883??24183.89.180.*Instant LifePay me on time so good ...honest admin Thanks!
13:08U480??44 110.136.169.* JTE DollarI got paid in here without problem. admin excellent working and honesty, so JTE is best program for me.
12:26 U745??99 94.21.221.* OrbisTrendspaid on time
12:20U779??01124.120.166.*MNSThis program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and other investors!
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6:53U007??28178.33.21.*Earn GroupsI have been getting my interest payments no problems . keep up the good work Able HYIP !!
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6:43U615??20180.186.4.*Reserve INTNo problem!! thank you. Best online investment, reliable and friendly support
6:41U830??51178.33.21.*Earn Groupsthis is the first one and we are very pleased to have our money paid out to us quickly as promised and with interest.
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6:20U098??20118.119.189.*Earn GroupsI see only positive voices! It' great!!! I'm here with it.!!!!!
6:19U098??20118.119.189.*Reserve INTI see only positive voices! It' great!!! I'm here with it.!!!!!
6:16U649??68112.121.170.*Earn GroupsTRUST pay like clockwork :) Thanx them
6:14U649??68112.121.170.*Reserve INTTRUST pay like clockwork :) Thanx them
6:13U488??91221.238.245.*Earn GroupsI received my payment on time. My expectations were justified.
6:11U488??91221.238.245.*Reserve INTI received my payment on time. My expectations were justified.
6:10U145??32112.175.234.*Earn GroupsPAID!!! :-) By the way, they have very professional support
6:08U145??32112.175.234.*Reserve INTPAID!!! :-) By the way, they have very professional support
6:07U942??07125.87.2.*Earn GroupsThat's the most profitable project ! This one makes me happy !
6:06U942??07125.87.2.*Reserve INTThat's the most profitable project ! This one makes me happy !
6:04U162??25219.108.151.*Reserve INTSerious project. I hope i'll join the club soon.
6:02U603??43122.147.120.*Earn GroupsPaying project, It is high class of investments
6:01U603??43122.147.120.*Reserve INTPaying project, It is high class of investments
5:59U781??42222.73.45.*Earn GroupsHi there! looks seriously and i gonna try to invest with them. See you !
5:57U781??42222.73.45.*Reserve INTHi there! looks seriously and i gonna try to invest with them. See you !
5:54U633??9194.100.24.*Earn GroupsPaid fast in my LR, without problems.Reinvest !
5:53U633??9194.100.24.*Reserve INTPaid fast in my LR, without problems.Reinvest !
5:51U808??84125.92.55.*Earn GroupsRecieved payment again and again !!! *HAPPY*
5:50U808??84125.92.55.*Reserve INTRecieved payment again and again !!! *HAPPY*
2:57U809??64157.253.195.*ChrisfeeneyGood project, payment Lightning
2:27U499??7158.8.39.*MNSGood program, payments without any problem. Thanks admin.